Get 12GB of data for #3000 from GLO

For those of you out there that are scared of IPTV or Andriod box thinking data is the barrier, i tell you, you’re really missing the fun. Like i use to say, with just #4000 for data, you can stream and watch anything you like. Few minutes ago, i received this message from Airtel;


It’s legit. So if you’re complaining that Glo network is poor in your area and airtel is the best, then you should start making move to get an Andriod box.

This was just a reply to glo that slashed it data prices;

glo data

Also MTN did theirs. But still on the high. I guess by the time glo reply Airtel, we will see bumper offers or even 20gb for 1k in a few months time.

How to subscribe to Airtel’s data plan for #3000?

Its very simple, and straight forward.  Dial this code *442# and follow the prompt.

What devices does it support?

=> All internet eligible android phones
=> All internet eligible iOS devices
=> All internet eligible windows mobile devices
=> All internet eligible jarva and symbian phones
=> PC and BB10 devices

=> Can be used to stream online and as well as IPTV

Also Validity period is for 30days.

It works on both 2G,3G and 4G networks on Airtel.

So what are you waiting for? This is just what you need;


All our boxes are already programmed and cheap.

To order for yours, just email me or call (, 07066330624)

Got any more questions? Use the comment box below.

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6 thoughts on “Get 12GB of data for #3000 from GLO

  1. This to me is the article of the season!! Am sure this is made for me. Pako what are u waiting for, abeg wire that android box to me now now now now..

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