How to get kwese free sport on 51.5E cband – Gsky v5 and Android tv box

I decided to share this with those of you out there that still rely on FTA for premier league matches, laliga, etc.. Few weeks back,i first posted about kwese free sports. It was first located on same champion tv position. Later on, they took it off and began broadcast service on 51.5E and 72.1E. Both satellites are very much receivable here in Nigeria even on 1m dish but i will be sharing with you the easiest of both satellites and how you can slot it to your existing setup assuming you have your dish already pointed to the east.

Kwese free sports is own by a kenyan billionaire, which he promised to at least given we the average man opportunity to watch just one EPL match every weekend. The likes of TV3 Ghana, hot tv and the rest have stopped broadcasting the usually one match per weekend game and all eyes are on the hunt for other FTA that broadcast weekend matches for free. The thing is, for now, only the alphabox and gsky v5 users can be able to watch kwese tv as it’s encrypted with biss key. Due to safety reasons, i had to request for the keys to be encoded to the latest v5 software so that it would last and we all enjoy it.

Now lets assuming you already had your dish pointing to the east, maybe you have HD 24 on 57E, or combo 68.5E and 57E. Now we need to slot in 51.5E. I will be post my current dish setup for you to use as reference or let me say guide;


If you only have 57E on your dish, maybe 1.8m dish, 51.5E should conveniently slot into the setup. What you need to do is to visit a welder, and maybe save my dish image and have them construct a holder for you. Any satellite below 68.5E should be low, while above 68.5E should be above. Assuming i want to add 72.5E or kenyan MUX, the other satellite kwese sports is located, i will place another lnb above 68.5E, just 5 inches apart.

Now to track kwese cband 51.5E, the picture below is the TP and SR to use. Mind you, It’s a circular satellite and remember to get a glass or the yellow teflon that came with your cband lnb.


Ignore the satellite name. After you might have hitting green, blindscan and you get just four channels. Image below;


Like i said earlier, you can only watch the channels on gsky v5 or alphabox.

For those that still rely on HD 24 for this season, try as much as possible to avail yourself gsky v5 receiver. It’s the best auto roll machine out there and also, they have been adding other packages to it, like the tandberg stuffs and they have the best and fastest support.

I will keep talking about this andriod tv box because it’s a must have. This is another reason why you need it. This weekend, 08/27/2016, HD 24 doesn’t have schedule for Arsenal and chelsea matches. Both clubs have millions of fans across the globe. Now if you have andriod box, after you watch the first match on hd 24, instead of you to start running to pay view center to pay #200 to watch two matches, you can subscribe to Glo’s 3gb for #300, and watch 3-4 matches conveniently in your home. Come to think of it, If you have a view center, HD 24 + andriod tv box, you should know how much you would smile home with at the end of the day. The way things are now, it’s advisable to save wisely, spend wisely. The andriod tv box is your sure bet. It’s legal and have nothing to do with hacking… You just need it if you want to experience another level of “TV ENTERTAINMENT

For purchases, gsky v5 auto roll and andriod tv box, fully programmed, my details still remains (07066330624, whatsapp or email.



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29 thoughts on “How to get kwese free sport on 51.5E cband – Gsky v5 and Android tv box

  1. Please pakos I just bought alphabox x4 hd but when I connect it,sport 24 comes up and off every 5min. Any help, do I need to upgrade? Do I need Internet? And how? Thanks

  2. there is this decoder called “VIM BOX” pls do u know the manufacturers of this box, some guys told me it does auto roll very perfectly. do u have any idea about this decoder????

  3. Pako please help. Am not able to use my Gsky v6 to track joy TV and other multi tv channs but wen I switch to strong box using the same tp (12522v 30000) am able to scan all the channels. Wat could be wrong with my Gsky v6.

  4. Boss, the set up on your dish will it still apply to an offset dish, That is placing the lnb for 68.5 on top of the 57.0?

  5. Just want to know if dis android TV box is affected by local network making d channel to freeze or breaks intermittently. Thanks

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