How To Get MBC and Multi Tv Signal Using a Single Lnbf In The East

It’s been a while mbc channels surfaced again on Badr 26.0E which is just an inch above Multi tv. This are the same channels on 7.0w Nilesat. As we’re all aware, MBC are only for movies and entertainment. So on this article, i would be guiding you on how to get the signal with your existing multi tv setup if you had already tracked it.

First of all, we have to track multi tv on astra 28.5E using tp 12.525 V 30000. Before i go further, the minimum required dish to be use is from 60M above. In most location, i would advice you use the dsthieves dish for better signal reception.

Now track your multi tv and position your lnbf as on the image below;


After hitting green, carefully tighten the dish a bit, tap the dish up a bit and make sure your multi tv signal is still intact, though your signal would have reduced a bit, but don’t bother about that. Now we just achieved the first job.

Now for MBC, use this tp 12284 V 27500. While standing in front of the dish, move the dish to your left bit by bit, you should hit green. Now go back to your multi tv and check the signal again. If it’s below 65%, just tap the dish down a bit and maintain 65%. If after you go back to your MBC and the signal is gone, tap the dish up a bit again and tighten the dish finally. Now skew your lnb to balance both sign and make sure both are above 65%, using strong 4669.

After you might have achieved that, just run full blindscan and you should have both satellites.


MBC on Badr 26.0E



Multi Tv on Astra 28.2E

My dictionary on satellite, i dislike wastage, so with this, and your Andriod tv box, you should just be fine. Good thing, God has prevailed and the heartless NCC has suspended the planned 325% increment on data subscription.

I have successfully tracked HD 24 using 1.3m dish and i will share with you guys on my next article.

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  1. Hello sir, I have been following ur blog for sometime now and I must say that u are awesome… sir, please can absrat decoder auto rpll?

  2. Thanks sir Pako , do u also have powervu software for alstar HD receiver? Happy new-year great man. God bless u and increase u greatly.

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