Get superesat auto roll decoder for HD 24 and andriod tv box

Well, for those that keeps calling me and i keep saying no to, maybe you think i’m hoarding keys or no decoder is working on hd 24 anymore.

The real fact is, HD 24 now changing keys exactly every 15 minutes. As long as i know and could tell, there’s no china toy that can auto roll until infinity. So the game is like this; Win or lose. What i meant is that, if you are still interested on hd 24, you must use an auto roll decoder.

One of the silent killing auto roll machine we don’t know is currently doing the majic. You can be on superesat watching hd 24 for days, if it skips, it means your signal is not enough. My own personal copy, my neighbor, a guy that owns a viewing center came to pick it and gave me extra money as gift.

Gsky v5 is still doing the majic, but price wise, just to play 50 – 50, i will advice you to contact me for your own copy. Superesat have sim card slot. View images;




With this, you are fully covered. The only break in transmission you will have is when they blacklist EMM data and which will make all the auto roll decoders go to sleep until they capture and release another emm data, writing new software before it will continue auto rolling powervu keys. If you ask me for guarantee, if powervu will last for ever, i won’t deceive you, i don’t have answer for that. What you’re about to do now is a “panic buy”. Very soon, we will know what and how the game will end.

I watched the manchester  today live on the andriod tv box live on skysports;






if you ask me for advice, i will advice you to go for andriod tv box which can last for over 20 years depending how good you are in managing electronics;


There are many auto roll decoders out there. The manufacturers of this toys are rejoicing now because panic buys will make them sell lots of their toys, but the truth is, when it get clearer, you will have another dead toy at home.

Superesat has sim card slots, personally, i have direct contact with the manufacturer so for any support, just trust and count on me to deliver. You can use wifi on Esat, 3G,ethernet. If you have any receiver and wants to use wifi on it, we have the wifi dongle that supports all decoders available and very cheap.

If you’re interested in having the auto roll machine or andriod tv box, airmouse, 3G portable router, wifi dongle for all decoders, reach me through email, whatsapp,, 07066330624.


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  1. Hello Pako which is the best among this decoders Super Esat, Alphabox and GSky V5. I want your honest review on the 3 decoders. Thanks in anticipation.

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