Gsky V5 , Strong Srt 4955 , Tiger T3000, T8 ultra, T245+ and Freesat V7 Now Working on Sport 24

As you might have been aware , sport 24 is currently working again on some decoders. Gsky V5 , Strong Srt 4955 , Tiger T3000, T8 ultra, T245+ and Freesat V7 are the current decoders rocking sport 24. The thing is, all other receivers, i mean the older once will never ever work again. The reason is, they’re no longer in stock and the manufacturers has halted production of the older receivers so they will no longer provide support. So we are now being forced to buy their latest toys that won’t last for six months. Good thing for me, i have Gsky v5 and freesat v7 max in my possession and for now, they have been consistent so far in releasing software on time for their numerous customers. To me, the best powervu dedicated machine i could recommend to anyone is Gsky V5, the other toys, i mean the cheaper once just released by the Chinese, Tiger T245+, E99 HD extra are all temporarily stuff. Once Sport 24 keeps tweaking, blocking software every week, they would all get tired and produce another toys that would automatically respond to maybe software tweaking, whichever way they think it could solve the issues pending when we lose sport 24 finally. Due to some desperate bloggers that already killing all our efforts, i have so far taken some certain decisions which i think it’s best for us.

After carefully studying the whole scenario, i found out that we lose most of our FTA due to whistle blowers that share my articles on all social media and their blogs, putting it at risk. Henceforth, i have decided to take the following steps to protect what we have for now;

  • I won’t be publishing any software online henceforth. Even the manufacturers create forums where they upload the software for only it users to download. Which means, you only login to the forum if you have that particular product, because Qsat user won’t visit freesat forum to download it software. In such way, the risk of it getting spread would be minimal.
  • All those that purchased receivers from me can contact me through whatsapp or sms me your email address to forward you latest working software.
  • All those that have the above subject boxes should always contact their seller or dealer for latest software because they won’t post it online anymore.
  • I advice all bloggers to follow this steps if they respect their followers and to help to protect what we have for now.

I believe you would all agree with me that such decision is for our own good if we still want to enjoy what we have for now and thereby putting a stop to the way the Chinese exploit us with the help of our greedy dealers. I could as well drop links to the software in the comment form if you request for it.

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11 thoughts on “Gsky V5 , Strong Srt 4955 , Tiger T3000, T8 ultra, T245+ and Freesat V7 Now Working on Sport 24

  1. gud mrng sir please how much is sky v5 and I can you help me with all latest softwares for sport 24HD for all working decoders. Thanks

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