Gsky V5 , Tiger T8 Ultra ,Strong 4953, 4955 and 4957 Releases Patch For Sport 24 HD

It’s no longer news that sport 24 HD is back and rolling, even with more exciting additional channels. There has been response from the Engineers and we have been receiving software updates from them.

Among-st the auto roll decoders we have around, Gsky V5, Tiger T8 Ultra and Strong series 4953, 4955 and 4957 has so far responded to the latest update. I will be dropping links to download the software respectively, and please kindly read carefully and download the right software for your decoders.

As we are all aware, using PHCN or the popular “NEPA” is never an advice for upgrading any receiver. Generator or inverter is highly recommended in other not to fry your receiver. I believe before end of the week, other decoders would suit. Strong 4950 series should be the next, so if you’re using that very decoder, you just needed to be patient.

Just a reminder, you need a clean and virus free USB flash drive, download the software to your computer, extract and run the update. Here are the latest tracking frequency and symbol rate for sport 24 HD west.

04132 V 30000 for sport 24 HD
Use NTA tp : 3926 H 3776 to track


New Software Descramble SPORTS 24 “POWER VU”/Channels Dated 12 Sep 17 
New Software Descramble SPORTS 24 “POWER VU”/Channels Dated 12 Sep 17 
New Software Descramble SPORTS 24 “POWER VU”/Channels Dated 12 Sep 17




—-GSKY V5—-
here we release GSKY V5 new software for Sport24 test.

According to Gsky engineers, they only released a test software. So they depend on our feedback in other for them to correct any bug before they release a final update. You would have to signup before you could be able to download the patch to upgrade your decoder.

Just a reminder, when it comes to powervu auto roll, Gsky is still leading. When it comes to breaking of stubborn encryption on all European satellite, then Tiger T3000 and T8 Ultra is just simply the best. Though, powervu and biss key auto roll functions is another big advantage and superb software software supports.

It has come to our notice that china version of Tiger T3000 is already spreading around. We only have a sole distributor for Tiger that comes pre-loaded with forever server. We have just few people selling it.

If you need any of this receivers, in bulk or for personal use, contact me through whatsapp on 07066330624.

Android tv box is just the future, if you want the bitter truth. Learn more about Android tv box here. It’s selling hot. It’s a must have. Don’t dull yourself 😀 😀 :D.

Enjoy sport 24 HD while it last. Before you start thinking of investing on powervu decoder for sport 24, read this comment from the hackers of sport 24 HD.

@ Kebien >>>
People,enjoy what you have.
And most importantly,do not panic if it goes down.
As Per Anubis jr., there are more obfuscation they can use at any time,and not really knowing if it is already implemented in powervu emu,my suspicion is it is not.
Just remember NOT to start pestering the coders with 10.000 nonsense post about the same thing.
Just relax and be patience.

Explaining further to my best of knowledge, Cisco latest decoder is what sport 24 is using. Inasmuch as i could tell and what i studied about that decoder with it chipset, it can handle any tweaks on powervu. The thing is, how far can these decoders go when they tweak or apply update again? Are the chipsets on the current china auto roll decoders capable of withstanding any events that should be expected very soon?


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32 thoughts on “Gsky V5 , Tiger T8 Ultra ,Strong 4953, 4955 and 4957 Releases Patch For Sport 24 HD

  1. Thanks you sir for de update , please i want to know about alpha box x4 and 4922 strong decoder is there any software to unscramble the sport 24, cos you have not said any thing concerning those two decoder that I av just mention, in which I was using de sport 24 before the suddenly scramble since,how should I do about it sir

  2. hello boss i am in niger before i captai sport 24 when i find NTa 74% but now i NTa to 81% but sport 24 does not come why? i use strong 4922a

  3. what about icone i-990hd . . . lol . . . please do you have an idea if icone i-990 is autoroll?
    the person that sold it to me told me its autoroll but i tarck afn westside with it e no gree open any station for me. their last software update came with powervu option

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