Just as usual, i will be dishing out all the available FTA as of 6th May,2016. One of the breaking news here is, HD 24, MTN worldwide is now located in 34.5 west as well. I guess, it’s where they want to relocate the one on nss20w to just as we saw on SES5 that it would be relocated.

Contrary to what some bloggers normally say that their will be a public update from any service providers before they relocate or block any signal, if you keep listening to them, you will be on a high jump, that is, they will lost you totally. The use of any FTA is at your own risk. Without any notification from the service providers, once they found out that their signal is being tapped or hack outside, they will block it or change encryption. This does not means it will affect their own legit subscribers.

Now i will start from MTN worldwide, HD 24, which hasn’t been announced by the service provider, but we locate the service on 34.5 west, same position with NTA international.

Now here’re the images, just as proofs to some guys that claimed they have been tracking satellite since 1879 and claimed we kids are misleading innocent readers but yet they feed with our research and informations 😀 😀 😀 😀 ;

IMG-20160506-WA0003 IMG-20160506-WA0005



IIMG-20160506-WA0006 IMG-20160506-WA0009 IMG-20160506-WA0011


Ignore the sateliite names. What you should check is the TP. {4090 V 20670}. Now this has been achieved from 1.8m dish in upwards. Although the normal NTA, you can track it with 90cm dish, which is cband. To track this, you need to get above 92% on this tp 3777 H 3777 then put di-electric plate and blindscan. You should be able to get all MTN worldwide packages, AFN packages and NTA international as well. So if you are having issues with HD 24 on Nss20w, then it’s high time you relocate to 34.5west.


Champion TV

If you could recollect, i once posted an article from a ghanian website about Dsthieves taking champion tv to court claiming that champion tv doesn’t have the right to broadcasts live matches. Since last month, champion TV has been FTA. To track it, use this TP 11007 V 05000 , use from 80cm dish.


Eutelsat 9.0E

I have been dishing out updates on the said above satellite and still strongly advised about the purchase of CCCAM. In the same vein, some packages are still on the sat, the likes of sport 1HD, trace urban and digisports which has yet to be moved because the season has yet to be concluded so that they won’t cut their current subscribers off, if you still have the signal or can track it, you can go for 1 month cccam account. Personally, i’m still praying they keep digisports on that sat because it won’t be easy to get another. Let’s keep our hands crossed till 15th of may, 2016, then, then we should know if we can still maintain the sat or move our dish to other sat.



Without doubt, these are the best European birds, i could say skynet is also one of them. But to get skynet, you will need as much as 600cm dish, 6m, to get skynets. If you are opportune to get above 2.4m dish, i advice you go for hotbird. You can get hotbird with this tp, 10.719 V 27500 and hispasat with 12.226 V 27500. To watch the channels on it which also host bein sports 1-16, you need cccam for that. If i sell cccam for you for 9.0E, that same cccam opens hotbird and hispasat.


Another good news is, sony on 68.5 signal has improved alot. Infact, you can track with sony tp, 3900 H 22222. On my 2.4 dish, using 68.5 as primary, i got sony 76% at night, at day, it reduces to 65-67% due to sunlight. Mind you, you must get above 60% in other for sony to work without issues. Now from 1.8m, you can easily get sony. With sony packages, you get laliga, italian leaque, FA cup and as well as Euro 2016. To track sony, use this tp 4.064 v/h 19850 without di-electric plate.


Without doubt, i still insist on the following decoders as the best for FTA;

  • Strong
  • Qsat
  • Alphabox

As we all know, due to the scarcity of strong 4922A and price, it’s still one of the best decoder for Africans on FTA. Qsat is just perfect for cccam and superb picture quality and the sim card slot ability and also alphabox which is very cheap but far more better than the so called gsky or whatever.

I skipped spycam issues on Qsat because they ain’t consistent. But i advised you convert your Qsat to FTA which also auto roll powervu keys as well as alphabox which also does that perfectly and also stabilizing signal with it high tuner capabilities.


If i should be approving comments from users or those that has already gotten andriod box from pakogist, you would have gotten yours now. I just decided to keep the comments until you mistakenly run across it and see for yourself what you’re missing. Data is no more barrier. Airtel is has been superb, glo and MTN are seriously competing, while ntel has taken over Abuja axis and planning to take lagos.

Let me break this little secret to you. If you’re in lagos, get someone in Abuja to purchase an ntel sim card for you. Use it in lagos, subscribe #1000 plan which is for 3 days, but you will be using that #1000 plan until ntel launch it services in lagos and introduce voice call. Those in Abuja has been feeling the speed and some of my clients in lagos. Unlimited data with over 180MBPS speed. I keep wondering what you’re waiting for 😀 😀 😀


Just in one sentence, FTA is a “ENJOY WHILE IT LAST THING” because it has no guarantee.  Andriod TV box or IPTV are 1 million % legal and can never ever be blocked. Do the right thing and make the switch.

For business purposes, call, whatsapp or email info@pakogist.com, 07066330624. if you call me to ask for FTA or how to track any FTA listed above, i will drop the call. You are advised to contact your local installer for installations or you can write me as well, i will link you up with one of my professional installers across Nigeria.

Watch out for my next update!!!

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  1. My chairman, thanks a lot for this beautiful info. I always check your site everyday both morning and night. You always give unbiased and complete info. There was a time I contacted you concerning buying powervu decoder which you strongly advised me to get strong 4922a but I went on to buy alphabox. Though my alphabox is still working but when I got a fairly use strong 4922aa, then I truly understand what you mean and why you said it. Am currently using 4922a.
    I respect your view and your courage in dealing with issues concerning satellites. Thanks for this info once again and by God’s Grace 2morrow am tracking the new sport 24 TP you gave. Pls is the afn and nta will show up when I blind scan the TP. Thanks

    1. Make sure you achieve above 85% on 3777 H 3777, and then blindscan. I will try my best to keep surprising you guys on sat world.

  2. Is like I hv to get patient for all dis satelite before person put head. If not all de installer go dey chop my moni .

  3. I like your post alot i discovered that many bloggers are just copying you. Does this new satellite for HD SPORT 24 have the same issue of going off in the night like the one on 20w? Regards bro

  4. Thanks man, a friend of mine got IPTV box from a guy in Ibadan and it was very nice they called him #iptvthefuture! On Facebook, I hope yours is like that too and what’s the price?

    1. The campaign started here. The guy he bought the box from is Ahmed and i was once his supplier before he went heywire.

  5. Gud day boss and thanks for the update.I want to find out one thing plz,should I take off the di-electric plate before tracking NTA with the TP 3777H3777?

  6. Boy, you are gooded ,it took me less than three minutes to track mtn sports 24 on 34.5W in Ghana, you are simply the best

  7. Pls sir, have been trying to track the to you drop for the new sport24 location.. But I couldn’t. I use 3777/H/3777. Is there anything am doing wrong. My dish size 1.8m. Thanks

  8. o boy! you too much. no amount of words i can use to qualify you. nice job. you’re just too explicit. just keep it up. my question is: is it the same direction you’ll get both NTA and sport 24? and hw much is the box andriod or iptv.

          1. i try this bird throughout the night and this morning i only got nta not mtn package. what can i do for i’m an installer. thanks. Shakus k.

          2. Get above 85% on 3777 H 3777, it will come up. I hope you’re using a 1.8m dish and well aligned?

          3. i’m using 1.8cm, two in one lnbf that is ku and c band (STRONG) combined and i hit almost 90% but no way yet. based in suleja

  9. Ibra,did u really get the MTN channels and how did u do it cos I got the signal alright but did not get the channels,scanned several times and only got AFN channels. kindly get back to me on 0574178512 lets do business.

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