HD 24 on Nss20W finally gone and now replaced with 34.5 west

Alright. Did you guys remembered all my stories regarding HD 24 on Nss20w? Just as when i predicted the demise of BWTV, HD 24 on Nss20w as at exactly 8:00PM Nigerian time, 5/10/2016, it was finally laid to rest. If you noticed that your HD 24 on Nss20w is off or saying scrambled, just know that it has been buried, That is, the satellite has expired just as i correctly predicted few weeks back.

When i started this HD 24 stories, in replies to what some popular bloggers are saying it will last forever and their would be a public notification before they do anything, for those that was watching it before it went off, was there any notification from them that it will be moved? The simple answer was “NO”. Since you are watching it illegally, don’t expect any update or phone call from the original service providers that they want to go to toilet or change generator that there would be downtime or whatsoever story. I remembered last time i posted the lifetime of Nss20w, and also did predicted that it will go off finally, and it would be relocated, i was discussed upon on some public forums where they accused pakogist of spreading fake stories, now it’s all cleared who is real and fake.

To move forward, before HD 24 on Nss20w went off, which i already knew it would, it was already discovered on 34.5 west, same position with NTA international, which i already published on my last article that it can be tracked using 3777 H 3777, then after u hit green and attain above 85%, you insert your glass or di-electric plate and blindscan for HD 24.

I will always do my best to keep all my followers and fan updated. Just as i normally say, FTA is just a temporarily thing. Few days ago ,i met a client that has three (3) consat dishes of 100cm each, startimes dish and also dstv dish, all became useless in no time. I introduced our programmed andriod box to him, he’s enjoying it now.

The simple bitter truth is, the future of FTA is getting a bigger dish from 3m upwards. Incase you don’t know, as long as the monopoly of dstv isn’t broken, no FTA on smaller dished will ever survive in west Africa. It’s either you join dstv or you purchase an andriod box.

Eutelsat 9.0east is still doing it thing. But the truth is, you will find out the truth soon..  😀 😀 😀

My next article, i will thoroughly do justice on HD 24 which was just relocated to 34.5 west so that you will find it very easy to nail.

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