Hot and fresh premium channels on Ting satellite 75.0E

Well, according to unconfirmed report after this was discovered, it was claimed that the service providers throw the channels as FTA due to power blackout they experienced in their transmission centre. That not withstanding, i will dropping it for you so as you enjoy it as well pending when another story will pop out.

It’s called “TING” and the packages are own by a Tanzanian company. It’s located at 75.0E , slightly below the old mytv. Infact, my dish was pointing to the floor when i tracked it.

Some of the packages on this satellite that are currently FTA now are;

  • Zee Cinema
  • Fox sports 1 $ 2
  • Dubai Sports
  • Aljeezera
  • Nollywood, showing local Nigerian and Ghana movies
  • Christian channels
  • Cartoon channels etc

It has been FTA for about 2 weeks now and according to my Tanzanian friends, it will be on for sometimes.

Now to track this new packages “TING”, get ready the following materials;

  1. Minimum of 40cm dish. Hear me right. I said 40cm
  2. Any Ku band lnb
  3. Your spanner and cable, decoder for tracking or sat metre.

Tips on How to Track Ting Packages on 75.0e 

Enter this TP 12562 V 26665 for 68.5 and put your lnb at 2’oclock. Now rock your dish facing down slowly, you should get old Mytv. Tie your dish, i mean the back to be firm. Now play to adjust your signal to the maximum. After achieving that, enter this TP 11498 v 02199 for 75.0e  and just ignore the satellite name, pull your dish down, your lnb at same2’0 clock when standing infront of your dish, pull down slowly, you should hit green. After then, just adjust your signal, then blindscan.

I was able to track with 60cm dish and got 83%. Others that it was shared with could able to nail it with dstv dish.

Here’s how the dish look like;


Here’re some tips you should take note of when tracking the satellite;

  • It will face ground totally, depending on your dish elevation
  • If you can’t track old mytv, you will sleep with your dish outside
  • Make sure there’s no blockage, i mean no house closer to the lnb. Because if your lnb is pointing to your neighbors window or door, you won’t get signal.
  • You won’t get signal using “H” . You must follow my tips in other to get signal.
  • Your lnb must be on 2′ oclock. else you will keep rocking your dish below mytv ,you won’t see signal.
  • It’s 75.0e, so i don’t expect you to rock your dish up.

For now, the packages there are superb. Enjoy while it last. If you have any issues, use the comment box below this post and i will reply you as fast i could.

Before i go, about 15 channels are opening on my both cccam servers for starsat. Due to security reasons, i won’t list all the channels here as starsat unleashed a bomb which makes all local channels goes off on the cccam server.

Don’t forget to order for your Andriod box before it gets more expensive.



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78 thoughts on “Hot and fresh premium channels on Ting satellite 75.0E

    1. Well-done pakogist for dis info, and nice outlook of yur blog. I think you push does avail channels on starsat to my whatsapp bcoz I don’t really enjoy it. 08024654293

  1. Thanx Pako, i can see you have changed the look of ur site. it looks more yummy. Now I can also easily comment, great job.

  2. Great job Pakogist, congratulations on your new and nice look of your site. Unrelated however, my starsat does not reconnect, stays at “please wait” without connecting all of today.

  3. Well done boss. Pls, what is the transponder to track this bird cos my phone could not load the frequency bt I saw the symbol rate. I guess it’s my phone problem cos it’s just cutting it

  4. Gud day Pako,can I track directly with the transponder of 75E? Or it is compulsory I first track 68E before tracking 75E.Plz advice me.Thanks.

    1. I tried that but couldn’t hit signal due to elevation issues. So i advice you go through mytv. If you can’t get mytv, just don’t waste your time.

    1. I’m currently watching Hotbird packages with my Azsky G1 super. I’m interested on the smaller dish packages which they promised to release before month end. That was exactly what i said earlier.

      1. Pako, can you please recommend the best lnb for hotbird ( i used Powersat Gold Fugi, PS – QP4 with less than 45% on 5.2m fiber dish) and kindly indicate the position of the lnb (3,6,7 or 9 o’clock)

        1. Hmm. Big question. Well, Track with 10719 v 27500 at 7′ oclock, use stargold fuji original. You should get 94% or more with that TP. If at the end of the day you couldn’t, then your setup is poor.

  5. nice look for the site, finally !!! hope you can introduce any installer in lagos (surulere), i bearly have time to track this frequencies.

  6. wow…Mr pako your new site look good mehn…i want to ask if i can use my 1m dish to track it cos it was not useful for me…just want to know. pls waiting your reply

  7. Pls what about apstar 76.5e (3880 H 30000)powervu,does the beam covers Ghana n what % u need to acquired n the dish size ,I just love the channels,pls help.

    1. It covers Ghana. But you will need at least 2.4m dish, motorized with a longer pole. If you can get Ting with the dish, then you will surely get Apstar.

  8. Tank u very much pako for making ur site easy n beautiful for us to learn n get help from u,God richly bless u in abundance.Waiting for the question i asked u sir.

  9. Great job sir,pls keep it up we love u, God will give u more wisdom in the world of satellites.pls u made mention early u are using Az sky for horbird packages ,pls which size of dish required,.pls my star times some of the channels quality % always drop to o%, whiles others is stable,what could be the problem, thank you

  10. After installing with this Tp, I blind scan but I could only get Lesotho TV. Pls, help drop the remaining transponder if possible sir

    1. You need 400cm dish, 4m upwards according to my calculations. You have to wait for my announcement on Azsky. I’m still testing the server.

  11. Yes, you are the best. Some of this Blogger has done what they know how to do best. They have come here to copy this post and spreading it like agbada cloth. All is well sha. Keep the good work moving

  12. Hello MR PAKOGIST GOD bless u for your true service to all africans.
    Your name will forever remain with us.
    pls i beg you to do your research on the sport24hd that some people are saying its back on 20west ku band on 1m dish n above. thnx.

    1. Hello, It’s not for Africans. But europe. Even though we will see signal here, would you rather use 700cm dish to track it or use 135cm dish to track HD 24 on 34.5west?

  13. Pako, if I get you right azsky is in but you are testing it before u come out with it, right? I hope it opens more channels than cccam.

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