Hot deal-Get the andriod tv box with a majic sim for free

It’s a pity that many of you guys still allow dsthieves to milk you and still run around looking for where to watch your club at night whenever they want to play. Last night on europa league, so many man united and other soccer fans keep calling where to watch the match as they can’t go out late to watch it on viewing center. One thing is, FTA will only choose to show match they like when it comes to European competition unlike EPL that all matches are more competitive making it more interested.

Here on my own copy of andriod box, i stick with bein sports 1-16 and cth stadium to watch my favorite team and also other teams. Come to think of it, if you could want to setup dish to watch bein sports 1-16, with proofs, you will spend not less than two hundred thousand naira (#200,000.00) as from the scratch. Even before you watch it for 3 months, there’s 80% chances that it would be blocked. Good thing, bein sport has added english commentary channels to it packages from 11HD. Here are some pictures i took  from man united match last night on bein sport 11HD without a single hitch. Some of my clients also sent some which i can’t upload here;

Screenshot_2016-02-25-22-58-19 Screenshot_2016-02-25-23-00-10 Screenshot_2016-02-25-23-04-40

This should be a hot cake for those in the northern part of Nigeria as many of them can’t lay their hands on conical scalar ring and also HD 24 won’t give you want you always want, but with the andriod box, you’re fully covered. It still look strange to you out there but soon, it will be all around the area. It has been proof so many times that even full EDGE network streams faster on kodi and also the channels on the andriod box need minimum of 180Kbps to stream which even Edge can do. Some has successfully used it with modem and it’s working perfectly.

Now to the real business of the day. Maybe you haven’t heard of the latest majic sim in town and being sold for nine thousand naira (#9,000). It has a lifeline of 6 months.

Now, the message here is, if you get an andriod box from us from now till middle of next month, we will send along a majic sim for you to use with the andriod box. Yes, a majic sim. If you think it doesn’t exist, wait for some time, you will soon hear it and would be sold for around 12 thousand naira just like what happened in the previous years.

We have sold to about 29 different states in Nigeria and across and will soon cover the whole states incase you need numbers for proofs. Gradually it will soon take over as there’s no backup yet for HD 24 and sony and Qsat is as good as dead!!!

You want to get one? (, 07066330624)

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4 thoughts on “Hot deal-Get the andriod tv box with a majic sim for free

  1. I’ve Android box already can you sale your IPTV code and the majic Sim? If the answer is yes how much is your IPTV code and the name of your App?

    Thank you.


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