Hot and New! Watch The English Premier League And Laliga On Ir Cama 3 On Hotbird 13.0E

If you have a 2.4M dish, be it pan or fiber, i will say, congratulations to you because you are one step closer to watch the EPL and Lagiga for free on hotbird 13.0E. Ir cama group was just recently added to hotbird and they show two matches on Saturdays and Sundays as well. Monday football and as well as Friday night football. Now we may ask, is hotbird really possible on 2.4m dish?

Recently, their has been signal increase on hotbird 13.0E. Although i haven’t tracked it with 2.4m dish outside my own location, western Nigeria, but i’m just so sure some part of North and maybe Eastern Nigeria would be able to get good hotbird signal for Ir cama using a good ku Lnb. Now i’m going to teach you how to track it easily, though it would be easy for those in the western part of Nigeria and somewhat difficult outside Lagos State, Ondo State, Ekiti State, Oyo State, Ilorin, and Ogun State. The mentioned states have been able to track hotbird with 2.4m dish and gotten Ir cama.

What do we need?

  • 240cm dish at least. If you have 300cm dish, great for you.
  • A good Ku band lnb. Fuji stargold single and dual ways recommended.
  • A well aligned dish.
  • Good coaxial cable.
  • Signal meter or strong decoder, 4669 or 4922a.
  • Patience and Good satellite skills.

To begin, place your ku lnb using the holder that was made for ku lnb on your dish. Now try to track 68.5E, 36E, Ses5 and 16E with your dish. Make sure you get at least 95% on all of the mentioned satellite because even on 100cm dish, 90% would even be achieved.

After you might have prepared your dish getting good signals on the mentioned satellite, we need to track Eutelsat 9.0E because we would have to use same lnb skew for hotbird.

Since we are tracking on a pan dish which is prime focus, lnb skew must not be overlooked. Except you’re on pole mount and had aligned your dish using a single skew, you must follow the skew on each respective satellite in other to get good signal reception.


In other to track Eutelsat 9.0E, we need to place our lnb at o’clock position. It’s very easy. Stand at the front of your dish, look at your wrist or wall clock, you see where there is 7, skew your lnb to that position. Now use this Tp to track , 11804 V 27500. Get a good signal, skew your lnb to get the maximum signal available in your location.  After achieving that, you need to start moving right a bit, rocking up and down for hotbird 13.0E. The easiest Tp to use for hotbird now is 10996 V 27500. Without tampering with the lnb skew, you should easily get about 50% at first on that TP. Play with the dish, adjust where necessary, skew to achieve at least 61-62%, then enter 10775 H 27500 to get Ir cama group.

Now if you have been unable to track Eutelsat 9.0E which is still a misery to many out there, i suggest you track Eutelsat 16.0E with 10804 H 30000, move your lnb to 7 o’clock position, while standing in-front of your dish, gradually move left, rocking up and down slowly, you should hit green.

Ir cama are currently free to air. Own by Arab company. The more the channel get popular, the chances of it being getting encrypted. As long as it’s currently free to air and EPl and Laliga are guarantee, lets enjoy it while it last.

If you’re facing any difficulties, i suggest you make use of the comment form instead of calling. If you are successful, please kindly share with us.

Android box is still the number one best bet.

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30 thoughts on “Hot and New! Watch The English Premier League And Laliga On Ir Cama 3 On Hotbird 13.0E

    1. You need at least a good 3m dish in your location for any chance of getting hotbird. Mesh won’t work. For lnb, you can chat me up on whatsapp. 07066330624

  1. With 3.5M pan in the East got
    Eurobird 9 11.804 V 27.500
    75% on Digisat ku
    70/72 on Fuji stargold,
    but couldn’t catch 10.996 V 27.500 on Hotbird.

  2. i have Star gold ku lnb but not fuji stargold , can it do the job sir?
    and it is not like that of prime focus .
    with 2.4m at zamfara.

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