How To Connect Azsky Dongles to Qsat Q13G, Q23G & Speed HD S1

I will wish to acquaint United States with the processes / steps concerned in connecting your azsky dongle(or similar operating dongles) to qsat q13g, q23g and speed hd s1. there’s one unwanted feature on these sets of decoders, (I mean q23g , q13g and speed hd s1). The featires is bout the rs232 cable port that is inform of associate headphone audio jack / socket or a mike port I mean the rs232 cable which will work with them should have a pointed mouth rather than the nine pin serial ports that’s on robust decoders, azsky g6, qsat q11g, xman g8, tlink decoders and most alternative decoders. Ithink the intention of qsat team for doing this is often thanks to the followings: i. they require there decoders to be as light-weight as attainable, ii. they require their decoders to be as little as attainable, and perhaps ii. they don’t wish their users to be ready to simply use any electronic device on qsat.
This development but have 2 major adverse effects on qsat subscribers: one. it makes it very troublesome for a normal user of the affected qsat merchandise to be ready to use a electronic device on qsat, 2. It conjointly makes it troublesome to perform any kind of computer upgrade on qsat decoders.

This tweak is Cortes of of my fans here by the name of st.Midas he said:
Easily connect azsky to qsat
I simply regenerate my azsky cable (serial to ping) to pin-to-pin, and use on qsat, and it’s working!
azsky serial cabling uses three wires(I open wherever the wires hook up with serial port); pin 1=red pin2 =white & pin3=yellow
Two headphone (with solely three segments) some have four or additional metameric iron pin
Connect the wires ; red to red, yellow to yellow and white to white. underneath ACAMHD/OFF
I hope this may facilitate. Anybody will do that simply while not resorting to pc look or radionic
First thing initial, if you’re employing a qsat q11g or q16g, you’ll be able to merely obtain azsky g1 super dongel and connect it on to your qsat by following my guide here: a way to Connect associate External electronic device To Qsat Receiver and you’re sensible to travel. However, if you own a qsat q23g, a qsat q13g a speed hd s1 or any qsat decoder that hack solely phone socket as its rs232 ort, then you wish to improvise. If you’re in Lagos, you’ll be able to move to pc village or alaba international market and rummage around for a rs232 cable that have pin-to-pin mouth. In alternative words, each ends of the rs232 cable sounds like the pointed mouth that’s obstructed into associate azsky g1 super or A+ electronic device. If you can’t get this without delay on the market within the market(which is probably going to be the case) then you’ll got to obtain 2 rs232 cable compatible with azsky g1 super or A+, cut it into 2 and be a part of the cabes with the pointed mouth to every alternative. Please if you’re not school savy, merely take this to any organized technician to assist you chop and be a part of. Once you’re done change of integrity it along, it’ll seem like the one i did within the image below:

pin to pin rs232 cable
You can currently follow my merely tutorial from the link on top of to simply connect your electronic device to your qsat and use it to decode dst* channels on qsat whereas qsat preloaded account is off.

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