One factor you need to understand is that, loading azsky account terribly|is extremely|is incredibly} very simple and error free particularly after you follow directions. By the time am through with this text, you’ll be a guru in loading azsky accounts and deciphering azsky recharge tool errors. If you’re already, a guru, then i need to have created your job easier. this text is usually dedicated to the newbies within the house World Health Organization desires to start out loading the accounts themselves. though the geeks and gurus within the house also will take pleasure in these.
v3.06 recharge tool success
Now allow us to go straight to business. i will be able to come back down as low as doable in explaining this. very {first thing} first, allow us to elucidate the foremost ill-natured error in azsky recharge tool ” money supply random error”.

RECOMMENDED stipulations BEFORE YOU conceive to RENEW YOUR AZSKY electronic device
Make sure your azsky electronic device has really expired; you’ll understand this purchase merely conniving the amount of months from the time a sim card was inserted into your electronic device. In different word, if the activation time of your electronic device isn’t a minimum of six months previous, then your electronic device has not expired , merely modification your sim card. learn the way To Interpret The light-emitting diode Lights standing Of Azsky Dongles(know what’s happening with the light-emitting diode on your Azsky).
Please if you’re AN installer or a sub-dealer World Health Organization load for individuals, have your own dedicated personal computer or a personal computer that’s perpetually on the market for your use. However, if you’re AN end-user, please do the upgrade in a very pc center employing a personal computer while not web facilities. confirm you offer the required web facility from your own electronic equipment.
Use solely a stable 3g network, and confirm you force your electronic equipment to use solely 3g network from my guide here.
Use AN rs232 cable that come back boxed along with your electronic device. Avoid employing a secondary r232 for the upgrade method.
Use a personal computer running windows xp
disable your powerful antvirus package
Use a pc that has ne’er run AN older version of recharge tool v3.06. I mean the most recent version of azsky recharge tool ought to be the primary that you just ought to install on your pc.
What i mean by necessary needs is that, if you fail to befits the subsequent directions, then the recharge method can fail 100%
You must have tried to finish the loading method written by Pine Tree State here before you come back here.
Secondly, confirm you modified the “COM PORT” detected on recharge tool to the one elite|you chose} after you with success flashed your box with flashtoll(Am speech this as a result of I once used a personal computer and that i selected “COM PORT 1″, sadly on behalf of me, recharge tool hand-picked “COM PORT 2″ mechanically. I saw “recharge unsuccessful , money supply random error” many times before i discovered the modification in port. right away i modified to “COM1″ on recharge tool, i succeeded. very cheap line here is that, you need to use the COM POrt that worked for you with flashtool after you area unit victimization recharge tool
Another instance is that the incontrovertible fact that you need to not enable your knowledge set up or your airtime to urge exhausted whereas you’re stil making an attempt to line your azsky account with recharge tool
You must use posses solely original azsky electronic device e.g, g1 super, g2, g1, g1+, g6, g3 or xman. If you’re making an attempt to load azsky account into incompatiple dongles like microbox, eclink, A+ , azsky 12v(which is smae as A+ learn additional here) Then the recharging can fail and you’ll conjointly injury your electronic device
You must not use a broken azsky device: to find out if your azsky electronic device has hidden hardware downside, please follow the steps in my article here till you get to the purpose wherever you see one thing like what’s shown within the image below: (Note, if you’re employing a wrong COM PORT, you wont get to the image below and you need to conjointly enable your electronic device else absolutely before victimization the tool below)
plmnthe message within the image higher than is for G1:GPRS INIT OK.
For G1+… you’ll receive the subsequent message:
F1: 0000 0000L0: 8005 0000 [FFFE]L1: 8005 0000 [FFFE]V2: 0000 0000 [0001]
00: 1012 0000
If you’re terribly sure that your electronic device has no communication downside or hardware downside, please skip the step higher than.
For you to use achieve success, victimization azsky recharge tool, you need to have a stable direct web affiliation.(Not affiliation through a vpn or proxy). Use your traditional affiliation that browses swimmingly on your pc
You must use an honest, tested to be okay rs232 cable, particularly the one that escort the electronic device. currently this half is incredibly difficult, you’ll use a defective rs232 cable with flashtool, however you can’t use a defective cable with azsky recharge tool. therefore if your recharge unsuccessful, and you’re thinking that you have got done each different factor right, it’s time you borrow another rs232 cable.
You must use solely azsky recharge tool v3.06 or newer(as at the time of inscribing this article today19th, Gregorian calendar month 2014,11:09am African nation time, there’s no newer version of azsky recharge tool yet).
Your azsky recharge code should not be but “16” digits of alphamerical characters and it should be valid. I mean no different electronic device should have loaded it before. So pleas, purchase from a sure provider. Learn additional regarding azsky account formats here
After downloading the new azsky v3.06 recharge tool, if you discovered that you just already put in AN earlier version, please fully uninstall the previous version before putting in the new one. but if you forgot to try to to this, i will be able to counsel you employ another pc or just format your personal computer.
You should have basic data of operational a pc otherwise you must be able to scan and perceive English if you have got ne’er done this before. Don’t get Pine Tree State wrong, somebody World Health Organization has ne’er attended college will try this if you guide him with practicals. somebody World Health Organization has ne’er shoed a pc could realize it tough understanding straightforward machine language like copy, paste, extract .rar computer code with winrar e.t.c.. therefore please you wish to grasp the way to interpret this. Imagine, somebody downloaded v3.06 package and told Pine Tree State he can’t realize it on his pc. however am i to clarify this!!!
You must 1st use azsky flashtool with success before thinking of sing azsky recharge tool. In different words, flash your electronic device with success with flashtool before loading your account code with recharge tool you can’t escape this step. If you encounter issues flashing your electronic device with flashtool, read this
After flashing with azsky flashtool, you need to 1st disconnect your electronic device from your laptop, reconnect your electronic device, await a minimum of thirty seconds before making an attempt to load your account via recharge tool.
Once you employ azsky to with success recharge your electronic device, on no account must you use azky flashtool once more unless you would like to invalidate your freshly loaded account.
You must not load one account into 2 dongles. it’ll solely be loaded within the 1st electronic device and you’ll get random error with the second electronic device until eternity. it’s operation one account to 1 electronic device.
If you get continuous errors flashing your azsky g2 with G1 package, then flash your g2 with g1+ package.
You must transfer and use solely the most recent computer code for your electronic device. you’ll get all the firmwares here.
In terribly rare state of affairs, azsky recharge server perhaps busy thereby inflicting random errors to appear. to unravel this, merely strive once more later when some hours.
After recharging your electronic device with success, and you tested your electronic device and that i isn’t decrypting any channel, you need to do the followings: i. raise if azsky is usually on-line, if yes, ii. use another sim in your dongle(if yours may be a receiver like G2 or G6, 1st confirm your switch is in TWIN, then mill reset your decoder, set it up once more so strive all the active sim card you have) it’ll sure enough work, iii. if you’re employing a sturdy decoder with a electronic device, confirm your electronic device choices among your sturdy decoder is enabled. Finally, strive all the channels one when the opposite and await a minimum of a pair of minutes before dynamic channels.
If you continue to expertise the issues, post the precise errors you’re obtaining here on the comment box. If you bought your account through Pine Tree State, contact Pine Tree State via email.
Read additional error interpretations here:
(Note: If you’re shopping for your azsky recharge codes from untrusted sources, you’ll get random error until eternity with none answer, particularly if you got a second hand azsky recharge code. the sole thanks to understand if AN account as been used if only if you get through sure dealers World Health Organization could assist you raise azsky engineers. money supply Random Errors of azsky recharge tools is hour caused by unhealthy / unstable web, V-J Day caused by defective devices five-hitter thanks to unhealthy usage of flashtool or accessories and two hundredth caused by a heretofore used account)
As the name implies, random merely means that events happening, done or chosen unintentionally instead of consistent with set up. equally money supply random error in azsky recharge tool will be taken in such a lot of ways in which and it will be avoided in most cases. for instance, if you get : money supply random error, recharge unsuccessful, didn’t get username, it’s going to mean one in all the followings:

No web, slow web, unstable or interrupted web
invalid azsky recharge codes
used azsky recharge codes
Dongle has not been antecedently flashed with azsky flashtool
Dongle has been broken through wrong flashing technique with flashtool
Dongle wasn’t allowed to properly boot for a minimum of thirty seconds before recharge toll is employed
Fake azsky electronic device
dongle has hardware defect
incompatible rs232 cable or broken rs232 cable
olde tools and firmwares area unit getting used
User forget to attach rs232 cable properly or in the slightest degree when victimization flashtool.

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