How To Fix Your Receiver That failed To Work After Successfully Recharge

To be talking regarding if azsky is functioning or not, is to be oral communication things on reflection. What am here to debate is a way to workaround / troubleshoot AN azsky electronic device or a receiver that has been with success revived and nonetheless not decrypting the mandatory dst* channels. What I merely mean is that, if once you with success loaded a replacement account into your azsky electronic device, it refuses to decode any channel, then this guide can certainly assist you.

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IMPORTANT requirement before hassle SHOOTING

You must have with success loaded a service account on your azsky electronic device or receiver by following the directions here
You must be having a minimum of 2 net enabled sim cards with a mobile information
You must not be employing a defective electronic device with e.g a broken sim slot
You must be near somebody UN agency you’ll be able to raise from if azsky is on-line or offline as at the time you’re troubleshooting.
HOW TO REVIVE YOUR AZSKY electronic device once IT didn’t WORK once RECHARGING
Azsky product includes gprs dongles like G1, G1+, G1 Super and Receivers with Gprs electronic device capabilities like azsky G6 and Azsky G2. i’ll reason this into 2, troubleshooting azsky electronic devices with AN external decoders and troubleshooting azsky receiver with integral dongle.

HOW TO apprehend IF YOUR electronic device can WORK once RECHARGING
After recharging, you’ll be able to pre-determine if your electronic device can work as expected once recharging.
Once you’ve got recharged with success, insert a sim card with a mobile information bundle and watch your electronic device blinks. {it can|it’ll} blink to a degree wherever the blinking red will modification to inexperienced and so orange. Once this happens, then your electronic device is absolute to work victimization my tips below.
However, if in your own case, once recharging, rather than your electronic device blinking inexperienced or orange, it keeps blinking red until eternity, it means that there’s hassle which can include; i. azsky server isn’t work you in(in that case azsky can fix this mechanically or through your dealer, ii. your sim card isn’t having any information bundle or airtime or your sim card isn’t net enabled, ii. The sim slot on your electronic device is broken or your electronic device has internal hardware issues, iv. perhaps once with success victimization recharge tool, you’ve got erroneously used flashtool(In this case, you want to load another account)

As for G2, there’s very little troubleshooting you would like to try and do. merely check that you follow my guide here to line up your g2. conjointly check that you G2 switch is about to “TWIN” Finally, check that check that you’ve got switch sim card.
As for Azsky G6, check that your whipper is additionally set to “TWIN”, conjointly check that you employ Autoscan with eutelsat thirty six.0E as against blinscan. To be ready to setup and scan azsky G6 decoder, please scan this.
Troubleshooting sturdy and different Decoders with Azsky Dongles
First thing 1st, this doesn’t apply to pretend sturdy decoders. If you connect your azsky dongles to sturdy decoders, check that you modify electronic device possibility on sturdy decoder by following my guide here. but if you discover that your electronic device possibility is missing, you’ll be able to transfer a patch package for your sturdy decoder that may restore your electronic device possibility as long as your sturdy is original. I actually have uploaded electronic device package on this website for sturdy 4920, 4922 4922a and 4669 please use the search box to navigate to the article.
However, once you discover that you simply have enabled electronic device possibility in sturdy, your sim is article , and your azsky electronic device is blinking inexperienced and orange nonetheless you can’t watch any dst* channel, it’s time for you to appear into the satellite name and scanning strategies on your sturdy decoder. Do a manufacturing plant reset of your sturdy decoder, once putting in and re-enabling the electronic device possibility, check that you autoscan victimization the satellite name EUTELSAT thirty six.0E ONLY. Please don’t use blindscan. then your electronic device can certainly decode channels on your sturdy decoder. If once doing the on top of you continue to can’t watch, check your electronic device with another sturdy decoder and you may see that it’ll work. This mean you’ve got to try and do one thing on the far side my current comprehension regarding your defective sturdy decoder. but my tip on top of can solve ninety nine of sturdy decoders not operating with azsky problems.
As for qsat, tlink and and similar decoders that supports a electronic device, merely make sure that you’ve got the newest package put in on such decoders. There ar latest obtainable package for tlink and qsat on computer After that, apply the scanning technique counseled by American state for sturdy.

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