How to fix signal lose issues on HD 24 and Updates on Eutelsat 9.0E

If you have been one of those experiencing signal lose on NSS20 west, HD 24 from 9pm – 6am, after this article, you should just be fine. For those that has been following me, if you could recollect, i have been predicting this HD 24 thing for over a month and some people felt i’m just trying to deceive or mislead people. But good thing, after the whole dramas on HD 24, they stopped preaching about it because they have no idea what to write, thereby relying on others articles and for updates. They also failed to realise that, it’s not how far, but how well.

HD 24 is still very much working, but to me, i will just say we are watching part of the body, because the satellite has reached it lifeline and will soon go off finally. According to SES5, NSS20W is to be relocated. Till date, we don’t know yet where they will relocate it to and if we can still get it. For now, only 135cm dish upwards can get HD 24. But it’s surprising to receive calls that HD 24 on a 2.4m dish goes off at night.

Now, in other for you to get and maintain a stable signal, follow this simple trick or let me say guide.

  • Remove your di-electric plate or glass from your lnb even though it’s green, you discovered that it will turn red. (On my mere fact, it shouldn’t turn red even if you remove the plate)
  • Now you have to track it again. Use 4126 V 20460, remove the di-electric plate, put your lnb at 3 or 6 o’clock axis. Do this within the hours of 7am to 5pm. Now move your dish left a bit,while standing at the back, then right when infront, rock it gently up a bit, though it’s difficult,but if you follow my guides carefully, you shouldn’t spend 10 minutes.
  • After you might have picked up signal, try to get the maximum signal quality without the plate by skewing your lnb. (Strong 15k Lnb recommended. Original)
  • If you’re using 1.8m dish, you should get at least 48%. In my case, i got 50-51%. Now tie your lnb and dish properly, insert your plate or glass, it should add an additional 10-13%, depending on what you use to boost your signal. But i will always advised you get a glass or broken bottle and cut it to exact size of your di-electric plate.
  • Now, delete all your previous channels and blindscan again. You should see rai italia, colours and other additional channels on nss20w including HD 24 and the previous channels there.
  • Now from 9pm, monitor your signal quality, you will find out that 10-13% would be lost but your signal won’t go off. Now the reason why i said you should track without plate is because of the change of symbol rate and TP, so that you get the exact spot. If you use di-electric to track, you will only pick the flash beam. When that flash goes of at night, your signal will be off as well.
  • After this whole steps, you should just be fine.

Updates on Eutelsat 9.0E

It’s funny people keep asking if it really exist as this is the ever first time the whole Africa couldn’t nail this satellite because of how tricky it is. Good thing, installers from benin and it environs have been nailing the satellite with ease now with same 100cm dish. Now if you haven’t nailed yours, you’re really missing. Over the weekend, about five different sports channels carries different matches.

Now the real update i want to share is, Austrasat contract is set to be terminated 30th of April, 2016. Now Austrasat currently has the most important packages on 9.0E. This includes Digisports and sports 1 and 2 with other channels. This has caused panic and we just have to keep our hands crossed to see if the termination would results to the demise of digisports and co on 9.0E. Don’t quote me wrong. I didn’t say 9.0E is going off, i only said, Quoting from Austrasat website that their contract is set to be terminated.

Now incase you don’t know, you find out that some guys, bloggers are tying to force readers to purchase cccam account for 9.0E, selling it for as low as a hundred naira. The simple truth is, they have stocked more than enough and are trying to dispose them off before 30th of April 2016, because nobody will buy cccam for 9.0E when you can’t use it to watch any live soccer events. There’s nobody that sells fake cccam. The rules of cccam is, if you share it on two different devices at same time, your account will be deleted. The unstableness of cccam doesn’t mean it’s being “shared” as people often say. it’s just simply because, the hosting server is being overcrowded or let me say overloaded. That is to say, if i have a server capacities of ten thousand users, and i take more than that, it would definitely become unstable. We don’t need lectured for that anyways. So for those of you that always rely on one person’s advised, you need to learn how to use google the more to get more proper updates from different source. But the way things are now, nobody will tell you that the paracetamol he has in stocks are expired. He will keep selling it just to recover his money. It’s only the God fearing once that will dispose it away as money is not everything.

I will always try to give you the best alternatives and advise. If you can get an andriod box, believe me, you won’t miss or bother yourself searching for FTA which doesn’t last.

We still have the best programmed Andriod boxes in stock. Do yourself good to get one. No subscription, no dish required, doesn’t scramble or goes off. Read through for more on that.

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  1. Please members, iam using big dish 6ft,other days I was using it properly,but now few days later sport 24,is no longer be seen now,and when I tried to blind scanig all channel are interning but not shown,it shows ecriph scrambling.please I need help what might be the problem

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