How to force digisports out from 100cm dish on 9.0E

Are you one of those that still haven’t been able to nail 9.0E? Also, are you one of those that after three weeks under the sun, you managed to get signal and find out that there’s no digisports after you blindscan? Now this is particular put together for you and for those that still haven’t get it from the south East and South-South.

Many great installers have been sharing lots of tips on how to easily nail it in the south. If you can get a compass and read it, you will find out that 7.0E and 9.0E have just one and halve inches between them. Meaning instead of me keep troubling myself searching for 9.0E signal, i will target the strongest tp on 7.0E, then i willjust insert my 9.0E TP, my signal will be weak, then i will now play around it to increase it.

Now here are some comments on one of my satellite forums shared by some great installers in the south and west.

Mr. Saheed from IB shared this trick;

If I can get 79/80 on 11192 h 3209 on 7°e, 9°e will surely come up on 11938 h 27500


Also Mr. Pitodenz from the East shared this trick;

for you to hit 9e pls increase ur 7e to maximum
You must get 12728h/30000 97% in 69x ie ur signal n quality must be 97%


Mr. Layi in lagos shared this trick as well;

Use record Mozambique tp to track on 7e once u get it scan the picture & adjust the picture to the level of cracking or freezing then input 11.727 v or h depending on where ur lnb is facing then for sure u will hit green tweak for maximum strength then u have much awaited 9e


Apart from those comments above, i have shared so many tricks in the forum as well. Good thing, people from the East and south south has been able to nail it. I have all their numbers for proofs because i have sold cccam for them.

Now another method is;

If you keep hitting zuku and bet9ja on 11938 H 27500, just tweak your lnb to 4 o’clock axis, use 11938 V 27500 if you have already tracked zuku and play around same position for 9e. Now mind you, in most time, going right when your’re back of your dish and left if you’re infront might not work for you base on location issues. If you had tried that, now move left when you’re back of the dish and right if you’re infront. Any of those would surely work for you. I also recommend you download “satellite director” from google playstore. choose 9.0E, and it should point you the exact location and calculate everything for you. If you haven’t gotten 9.0E, you’re really missing. You will find out that dstv packages are trash. So far, i’ve nailed 9.0E for more than 20 clients and doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes.


Now if you had tracked 9.0E and blindscan and you didn’t find digisports, just change your polarization to V, ie, 11938 V 27500, on 4’o clock axis, if you get 54/55% on Horizontal at 6’o clock, 4 o’ clock should give you 63-64%. Now delete all the previously blind-scanned channels and rescan, you should be able to get it. On my startimes dish, my signal is dancing between 72-74%. I only have a guy that had similar quality as mine. He got 70%. Now here’s how 4 o’ clock should look like;

ws1 ws2

Now if you follow all this steps, you should be able to nail 9.0E. If you’re that skilled, you can as well add 7.0E to watch some channels that shows saturday EPL as 9.0E are broadcasting with HDs and with German and hungarian languages. We also have trace urban and trace sports in English, BBC world, all AFN packages which are on powervu CAS.

If you had nailed your 9.0E and needs cccam that opens all those stations, you should contact me.

Try to get an Andriod tv box for your own good 😀 😀 😀, 07066330624. Business purposes only!!!

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