How to install genesis add-ons on kodi for latest movie series-Andriod tv box

I’m a sport loving fan and pardon me for not writing about music and movies. Many fans has been calling for me to advice on the best kodi add-ons for movies on their andriod box and other devices, so here in the post, i will be guiding you on how to install the best movie add-ons on kodi.

One  thing you don’t know about kodi is, it’s even better than streaming on IPTV setup boxes because whatever add-ons you installed on your andriod box to stream live matches, even though you have a full 2G network, trust me, it will never break,except you’re streaming HD channels. I’ve watched lot of live football matches,full 90 minutes highlights on kodi without a hitch. Many people thought without a strong 3G network,you can’t use any streaming device which is right for (IPTV SET-TOP BOXES) and possible on (ANDRIOD SET-TOP BOXES). Kodi is one of the best and popular app used all over the world for unlimited entertainment no matter how your network is.

Now, to install genesis add-ons on your Andriod box, simply follow these steps below;

1. In Kodi, navigate to System >> File manager, select Add source from the left side of the screen (on PCs you may need to double click it).

File manager Kodi

add source

2. Click on the text box that says <None> and type (using the on-screen keyboard) “” then click on Done to the side of the keyboard.

Enter file source path

Here’s how it’s supposed to look like:

setting iwf repo

3. Now, go back to the main menu and navigate into System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file, choose the source folder you’ve just added, e.g. iwf.

selecting iwf

4. Inside there, select and enable it. Enable it by clicking.


5. After you’ve enabled the repository, press the X button to the top left side of the pane. Now go inside Install from repository (on Kodi versions lower than 15 its: Get Add-ons) >> iWillFolo add-ons >> Video add-ons, and enable Genesis by selecting it then select Install.

That’s it. you can now watch all movie series in this world through the genesis add-ons. you can as well just use the search and type the name of the movie eg “the walking dead”, there it will load with options for you to select episodes and series, after loading and you click play, it will play for 200 hours without a glitch even though you’re on 2G network.

My next article would be porn and music.

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