How to setup live TV on Kodi Andriod Box– PVR IPTV Simple

Kodi (XBMC) has lots of ways to watch and listen to many different forms of entertainment. If you are interested in watching free live TV from all over the world, then you are in luck. It is simple to setup live TV on Kodi. IPTV is becoming popular very fast. Many smart TV’s now have apps that can do the same, but a lot are not as versatile, and you may have to pay to use them.

Kodi has a client built straight into it called PVR IPTV Simple Client that allows you to setup live TV on Kodi easily. By adding a URL link to a M3U file or pointing it to a locally stored file you can have access in no time.

Many of the channels will be in HD, and you can even get program guides for some.

Links can become inactive on some of the major channels. With a good M3U file list, the links are updated frequently to prevent this from happening too often.

Setup live TV on Kodi – 9 easy steps

1. First of all we need to enable the Live TV feature. Select System and then Settings

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 1



2. Select Live TV from the menu

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 2


3. Highlight the Enable at the top

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 2


4. A message will pop up asking you to enable a PVR addon. Select OK

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 4


5. This should take you straight to the relevant addon screen for all the PVR clients. Choose the PVR IPTV Simple Client

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 5


6. Select Enable and the Configure

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 6


7. Under General Location should be on Internet address. Select M3U Playlist URL

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 7


8. This is where you enter the URL location for the channel lists. These can be found by searching on the internet. Some are better that others. I will supply you with some to get you started below under Setup Live TV on Kodi – M3U lists. Enter the address in full including the http:// and select done

Note: Do not use the url’s in the screenshots. They will not work.

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 8


9. Ensure Cache m3u at local storage is unchecked and select OK

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 9


10. That is all there is to it to setup live TV on Kodi. By restarting Kodi (or disabling and re-enabling the addon), you should see Live TV appear on the main menu. If the m3u list you are using is broken then you will not see TV on the menu.

TV on menu


With some skins the TV may not show on the menu without adjusting the skins settings. This tutorial uses the default skin Confluence. A good skin to use, and one of my personal favourites is the Amber skin (see feature image at the top for an example). You will find Amber more visually pleasing, but some menu items are in different places and takes a little while to get use to.

Setup Live TV on Kodi – M3U lists

These are URL links to some m3u channel lists that I have sourced from various websites.

Some are updated more frequently than others, in which case more channels will work.

Add these in Step 9 (please note these may become outdated, see comments for newer IPTV channel lists.)
Sometimes you will find lists that are ZIP files. These need to be uncompressd put on a local drive that your device can see and pointed to its location in steps 8-9. With a PC this is not a problem, but with other devices such as the Raspberry Pi, you will need to connect to it via your laptop or desktop, and upload the file to the device, or setup a shared drive that it can see. Another simpler alternative is to put the file onto a USB drive and plug that into the Andriod box, and copy it to a folder that way.

Setup live TV on Kodi – EPG – Electronic Program Guide

Some M3U lists come with EPG’s. To add them it is similar to the way you would add a new channel list.

In the configure screen as in Step 7 above, choose EPG settings and do the same as you did for the channel set up but put the URL for the EPG into the XMLTV URL. (Please note that the example in the screenshot may not work, you will need to search for them on the internet)

Again ensure the Cache at local storage is unchecked.

Setup live TV on Kodi EPG


Some EPG’s are set in a different time zone.  If this happens, use the EPG Time Shift setting to move the hours accordingly.

If you have any questions please ask.

Reach pakogist through email (, whatsapp or call (o7o66330624) for a copy of Andriod box. If you don’t have one yet, you’re really missing.

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  1. Hello sir thanks for your help .l live in Ekiti how do I get the Android box and how much will it cost? How much does a motorised jack for dishes automatic rotation cost. Thanks

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