How to use cccam on Qsat and strong decoders with pictures

This article should be able to answer your questions on how to use cccam on strong decoders and qsat. Many have been doubting if truly cccam works on qsat, but the truth is, the best decoder to use cccam is qsat. The reason is, it connects much faster and very stable and you can as well use gprs, unlike strong that you would have to search for compatible modem or LAN to use it. Most times, the freezing and skipping comes from the decoder itself and not from the server. If you had used TV1 cccam then, you should clearly understand what i mean.

NB; Spycam or no spycam, your cccam will connect and work perfectly.

You may wonder what is cccam?

CCcam server is a kind of cardsharing protocol, where “sharing” simply means the right to access digital packages by connecting to a CCcamcardsharing server via the Internet. The main function of such server is to transfer the encrypted channel codes over a network to computers connected to that server.

Example is on Eutelsat 9east that is the latest in town now. After you track it, cccam would enable you to watch all the encrypted channels on the satellite.

Now to use cccam on strong decoders, follow this steps;

  1. Turn on your decoder and look for any huawei modem, subscribe like 10MB , insert the sim to the modem and plug into the decoder through the usb slot.
  2. Go to settings>>>


3. Click on ipsettings as sub menu on settings>>>


4. You should DACP,ETHERNET AND 3G. Now select 3G>>>DSC_0004

5. Select 3G, then press the exit button on your remote, it will ask you to save. save and wait for some seconds, it should connect. If it doesn’t connect, go back to ipsetings, press the yellow button on your remote, then manually add the APN for the network. Eg, MTN (, GLO (gloflat), ETISALAT( etisalat) ,AIRTEL, ( On the Phone number, type (*99#). save and exit, it should be able to connect.

6. Now Press 8281 on your remote, you should see these on your screen;


Click on anything there, scroll down and select cccam, ID,password and server address as well as port would be provided to you after you pay for cccam account. Enter it below, and press the red button on your remote to connect. If you enter everything correctly, you should see this;


And the channel should start displaying underground;



So simple right?

Now let’s move on to Qsat users;

1. Get a compatible sim and buy data bundle as least 10mb. Now select gprs and it should connect.

2. Now go to setting;


3. Scroll down and select XCAM setup> and then sharing;



Now enter your cccam details>>>


Now press the blue button on your Qsat remote, it will connect within three seconds. Then you shouls be able to watch all the encrypted channels on the satellite the uses the cccam.

This was chelsea match at the weekend on qsat (02/04/2016)



And this was Manunited vs Everton (03/04/2016)


The only disadvantages here is the language;


Analysis on Hungarian language and german.

With this, you should be able to easily use cccam on your qsat and strong decoder.

Just a quick recap on the latest on qsat and 9east;

Like i said earlier when i posted the latest software release from qsat that, Qsat hasn’t done anything 100% before, we find out that the software was full of many bugs. And i haven’t heard from a single user that load the software that spycam is opening dstv or canal. I have Qsat 28q and my neighbor has Q11g and 13g respectively. Whatever information i give you here concerning qsat, if you don’t take it, you fall into scam.

You don’t have to be told how qsat behaves, buying 6 months account and only use it for 2 days without stability.

The only reason you should buy qsat account is for those that installed powervu in their home and wants to enjoy auto roll majic on qsat decoders. Apart from that, i shouldn’t see any reason for you to purchase and qsat account in respect to watching dstV channels. If you’re being told elsewhere or read on anywhere to purchase spycam account, if you don’t have powervu installed, don’t buy it.

Eutelsat 9east is still the hottest bird n town, though their have been some challenges nailing the satellite. If you in anyway need help, contact me through whatsapp or call, i will avail you professional installers across Nigeria and Africa. If you’re closer to me, I will come do it for you myself, but you will have to pay. Mind you, the broadcast are not in English. If you can’t cope with it and cccam issues, get an andriod box.

HD 24 is still working very fine from 135cm dish above. But if you can get 120cm offset dish, it will work fine with scalar ring and a good lnb.

Sony is still doing it thing. Still tagged the best and king of FTA, but you need a bigger dish.

Andriod box is still the hottest selling box out there. You can confirm on konga and jumia yourself. But the advantage pakogist have over them is, we program the box for you before sending, while the one from elsewhere comes blank. you would have to burn lots of gigs to install the applications before you will even begin watching live TV on it. But if you get it from us, you are 100% guaranteed free streaming on all the 4G networks and cheaper tweaks on all the GSM networks. I still recommend andriod box to any cccam or FTA out there because FTA is a “use while it last thing”

I hope this should answer questions to those doubters out there and advise for those that have ears.. 😀 😀 😀


(, whatsapp or call , 07066330624, 08117819713)


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    1. If you have upgraded your decoder before with any patch, just press 8281 on your remote and cccam menu will come up.

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