How to Wake Up a dead Strong Decoder

In this post two things will be addressed one is how you can wake your dead or fried original strong decoders via pc and rs-232 cable. Warning: this post is not for you if you have a fake / clone strong decoder because your box will not wake up. But for those who have the genuine decoders, complete the instructions below on how you can wake up your dead strong decoders… now your strong decoder may die as a result of several reasons including but not limited to the fact that you may be trying to input or upload something that is corrupt or incompatible into it. E.g you are trying to update its firmware via a usb flash drive that is infected with virus. There are two major ways to wake a fried strong decoder i. Through a computer Using RS-232 cable ii. Through decoder to decoder via inter-decoder firmware transfer Procedures and requirements on how to wake a dead strong decoder with another strong decoder 1. Get an rs-232 cable 2. Get another working decoder of that same type 3.connect the two decoder via rs232 and remember to swich off the fried one 4. Switch on the good one. Go to – system setting>> data transfer >>firmware press ok. Wait till it finish loading. That’s all.

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2 thoughts on “How to Wake Up a dead Strong Decoder

  1. Pls I have a friend strong decoder with me that is dead. I tried all my possible best to wake it but to no avail. After going through your write-up, I tried all the steps but on getting to system setting, I didn’t see any data transfer let alone firmware update

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