How to Watch bein HD Sports and MBC HD with BISS Key

You can watch at least five mbc channels in HD(high definition free. Also, you can watch two Bein sports 1 & 2 HD, 1 PORN channel and four more channels with the help of a biss key.. Before I drop the frequencies and biss keys where applicable, let me first explain this to you:
Minimum of an mpeg-4 decoder; any strong 4669x series. However, to watch the HD channels, you must have any of the HD decoders. like the newest strong 49xx series, qsat decoders, bestHD decoders and so on.
You also need a 90cm dish. Don’t waste your time trying to use the small 60cm dish.
Also, you need an installer to track the bird for you.


The recommended dish to use is 90cm. frequency is 12303 ( H ) 27500, However the actual frequency with which you will scan for and save the mbc HD channels is is 12265 H 27500; Do not use the mbc frequency to track, because if you do, you will only get DSTV signal which is 12245 H 27500. why, because your tracking device / decoder will also see 12265 as 12245. Therefore the freq to use for tracking is 12303 H 27500. And the satellite name is no big deal here as i used Hotbird to track mine.Use a strong 4669x decoder for tracking. I would advice you get a local installer to do a perfect job for you. It is possible for you to track both If you can track joytv and the MBC on badr5 using two LNBs. To do this, First track joytv with freq 12522 V 27000, then input 12303 H 27500 on ur tracking device or decoder & lift it up slightly you should hit green.
If U want to get both joytv & MBC on d same Lnb, just drop the dish down slightly to bring the joytv
freq 12522 V 27000 to green, tighten the dish and balance both signals, but if 12303 H 27500 go
below 70% your MBC will not come up. try & make sure 12303 H 27500 is around 70% & 12522 V
27000 between 64%/68%. Blindscan your decoder & enjoy one the best FTA stations in the world.
I will advice you to use another LNB to track joytv / multitv on your dst* dish if you are finding it
difficult tracking both mbc and multitv on same dish
N:B; U can only track the MBC satelite with an mpeg 4 decoder/device while D channels will only show
on HD decoder.


To start with,you need to know how to manually input a biss key into your own kind of decoder.
I posted about how you can input biss keys on strong decoder, qsat decoder and azsky decoder and that
is how far I can go. You will have to use your discretion if your decoder is different. from the above
my article about how to input it on the above mentioned decoders, will be a guide for you though.
read my article here for how to input biss keys on strong, qsat and azsky G6.

Beinsports shows all sports across all leagues and it is better than dstv supersports. People have been
secretely using this biss keys to open the beisnports for the past 12 months but we didn’t pay attention
to it because we have our dongles and cccam. You still have to use same 90cm dish, and same hd decoder

some of the channels are: Bein Sport 1HD – Bein Sport 2 HD – M6 HD
– W9 – BFM TV – EQUIDA PRO & HUSTLER (adult)

How to track and scan for Beinsports on w3a 7.0e malagasy position:

the satellite name is Eutesat A/B 7.0E
The biss key to decrypt the channels is: 3184752A068163EA

1. Locate a dstv dish near your area as that willgive the idea of where your EAST is . NOTE that
dstv is on Eutelsat w4/7. Start by tracking DSTV Multi-choice Africa on Eutelsat w4/7 with the
following settings 11940 H 27500, put your LNB at 9 0′clock (ths lnb position is relative, leave your
satellite installer to use his discretion).
2. When you have tracked w4/7, hold your dish in place and input Sirius 4 frequency 12605 V 29950.
Standing in front of your dish, Lift your
dish up to face the sky and down while you
move slowly to the left of DSTV dish. When you
get Sirius 4 hold your dish there and input this
12728 V 30000, for w3a and bring your dish
down slightly and bring it back to your right a
little . Just work around Sirius 4 for w3a. The
sat will turn green , then blind scan or use among others the following frequencies to scan manually
12520 H 27500 , 11175 V 06110 and you can use to add other channels.


For SRT 49XX Series:
1. You first need to activate the “OPTION ”
Go on any channel and press the code
6969 on your remote control
A window/pop-up will open and ask you
for a code, enter a second time 6969
A new pop-up will show ON
2. Now select any of the below channels with
the $ sign in the channel list & press
OK on the remote control Feed_W for W9
Feed_BM for BFM HD
Feed_CS2 for Bein Sport 2 HD
Feed_SB for Bein Sport 1 HD
Feed_H for Hustler HD
Feed_M for M6
3. Press 8280 on your remote control & press
The BISS menu will open
4. Scroll down to the first line and enter the
BISS code:
Press EXIT & SAVE . The channel will open.
Now you have done it for the first channel.
You will just have to proceed as below, for
each channel in order to open the remaining
1. Select the channel
2. Enter 8280 and press OK
3. The BISS menu will open
4. Press EXIT to Save the setting change
Comments are welcomed..

Kudos to #Lemmy for the tracking tips.

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12 thoughts on “How to Watch bein HD Sports and MBC HD with BISS Key

  1. multitv is now a boring tv. while mbc have been blocked or i,ll say scrambled what other thing can i do and what other channels can i scan to that are interesting.

  2. Can I receive bein HD Sports in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. With what size of dish and the new parameters. thank you

    1. You need at least 5.5m dish to receive bein sports signal from El hail sat @ 25.5 east. Why not get an andriod box?

  3. Can i use this biss key to unlock mbc channels on a parabola dish at the former posion. Useimg q13.
    Wld like to add up in our state satellite installers group

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