How to Watch IPTV Channels on Strong Decoders Free

I have been receiving lots of emails and calls on the way forward for IKS dongle as they are being attacked daily and gradually going to the grave.

For some days, i have been monitoring IPTV channels on Qsat, to my findings and observations, i will score it 15% as it’s nothing to write home about. Also for the so called IPTV box around the internet, to tell you the truth, due to the poor internet state in this country, it’s totally waste of money.But the fact is, IPTV is coming to take over. Either we like it or not, in the nearest future, dish will disappear and IPTV will take over.

Now back to the business of the day.

After all my research, i found out that IPTV works fine on strong decoders as the connections are more faster than that of Qsat or any IPTV boxes.

As of today, a few models of TV Satellite Receivers which allow IPTV are available on the Nigerian Market. Some of the Q-Sat receivers as well as the STRONG receivers (SRT 4930L, SRT 4922/A, SRT 4950H) have  this feature. Those receivers have already a built-in IPTV channel list, however you can add more channels if you want, and it’s FREE.


  • Download th latest strong software HERE
  • Go Menu, then Entertainment, then IPTV
  • Press F2 on your remote control. A pop-up will open;
  • Insert the channel name as well as the URL of the channel you want to watch.

For instance:
Channel name: Nova Sport


Make sure to type the right URL, any typing mistake will broke the URL & you will not be able to watch the channel.

I have all list of bein sports URL and will drop it as soon as i verify it. 

NB. This will only be sent to my subscribers and followers on facebook to control abuse and blocking of the server.

You can do yourself a favor by browsing through the internet as there are many site that gives free IPTV servers.

We have to be online and pay for hosting. Help us stay online by viewing ads before you logout. Thanks.



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