I Owe You An Apology

Hi friends and families, i’m so sorry for letting you down by disappearing unexpectedly, and also temporarily abandoning my blog. I have read so many emails, SMS and also voicemails from you why i need to keep doing what i know best. I never knew i have been an inspirations to many of you guys and also making you taking satellite as an hubby, but a lot happened to me and i have to option to stay away from the social media for some while. Due to my rapid promotions of unofficial decoders also popularly referred as “darkside”, i had a serious issues with some of the paytv operators within West Africa.

In the meantime, i still have your back and will do my best to listen to your specific issues and also try my best to help by regularly updating my blog. Inasmuch as i’m back discussing satellite, due to issues i experienced back then, i would no longer be  doing the following;

  • Discussing unofficial decoders being used to watch paytv contents illegally.
  • Selling or promoting cccam being used to unscramble paytv contents.
  • Selling of or giving updates on unofficial decoders being used to unscramble paytv contents .
  • Involving in any activities related to intellectual property theft.
  • Posting links to download software for unofficial decoders.
  • Posting of satellite keys to unscramble paytv contents.
  • Posting updates on kodi since it has been officially banned.


Pakogist.com is about satellite. Discussing satellite has been my hubby. All the contents on this blog is for educational purposes only. I don’t intend involving in intellectual property theft and also causing harm or damages to paytv operators. If any of my contents or blog post relates to your services or an infringements to your property or exclusive rights, please kindly screenshot the page, post or content and forward to my email, packdroident@gmail.com, i will immediately take it down.

I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to those that stood by me financially, those that called, email and also those that visited my family, and also a big thank you to my God sent boss for all what he did for me. If i keep mentioning names, i would be bias. I also won’t forget to say a big thank you to  SOMETIMESWE LOGISTICS LIMITED for his help when i really needed it. I never knew i had some wonderful families out there. Unknowingly, i created lots of enemies out there due to my actions. I’m not only asking for forgiveness, but i just want to let you know that God rewards everyone accordingly. Don’t always expect a thank you for everything you do from humans, but always do everything to get a reward from God.

I’m still a huge satellite fan and would be periodically be updating my blog with any events that unfolds on the satellite world. Please henceforth, i won’t be responding to emails, SMS or calls in relations to all what i stated above.  I have found no joy doing the “darkside” business of satellite, so i’m totally turning my back from it.

Most of my previous post are still very much active, some are not yet outdated. I would be bringing you some big updates in my next article.

For now, remain blessed and happy Sunday to all my families and social friends out there.




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8 thoughts on “I Owe You An Apology

  1. Hello sir, I must command you for every things, I very much appreciate your come back to the satellite world, as it always said, you must live by what you learned as God created every human Bing with talent and that talent must be put to work, we welcome you back and we ask God for his define blessing & protection upon you.

  2. Welcome back my bros,
    I thank God for you,
    He will continue to guide you for us,
    Pls do give us the posts that will not disturb your life or put you into trouble please.
    You are very important to us.
    God bless you.

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