Install Yes Movies Kodi Add-on for Latest Movie Series On Andriod Tv Box

Andriod Tv Box is just a free content box. I mean, you enjoy it to the fullest, thanks to kodi and some wonderful add-on that is being released daily. Apart from kodi add-on, there are other beautiful applications you can as well install to enjoy this wonderful box.

Data is becoming more cheaper, 3G days are over, 4G  LTE already spreading. ntel price has dropped rapidly same as other lte service providers. I bet you, before end of first quarter of 2017, we will see #5000 for unlimited data plan. Then iptv boxes prices would have been spread with fakes all over, because the only big threat to satellite is internet. Since satellite has become cheaper to use through iks, dongles and cccam, internet is gradually coming up in Nigeria to play it own roll.

Yes Movies is the latest add-on from the Mucky Duck repo. If you already have that repo installed then you can go ahead and install it from the video add-on section. The dev says it is much like 123 Movies but has a couple of extra features to make it a little different.

To Install Yes Movies Kodi:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Select None
  • Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  • Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type muckys & Select OK
  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Select muckys
  • Select
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  • Select Install from Repository or Get Add-Ons (on Helix)
  • Select Mucky Ducks Repo
  • Select Video Add-ons
  • Select Yes Movies
  • Select Install
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

The add-on is now installed

Just to remind you, to enjoy Glo LTE, which only supports band 28 (700MhZ), you need a special device. Infact all my phones are 4G smartphones, but it doesn’t supports Glo 4G LTE. So i had to get spectranet E5573s-606 mifi and unlock it before it could work. I’m just telling you this to hurry and grab a copy because when glo finally spreads all over Nigeria, only few phones will work on it and devices that would support would be sold as high as #50,000.




Right now, 3 major networks have the 4G LTE service in Nigeria and they are MTN, Glo and Etisalat. Other networks in Nigeria with 4G LTE services are Spectranet, ntel, Swift and Smile. We are expecting Airtel to roll out their 4G services soon. Most of the 4G smartphones in Nigeria use band 3, 4, 7, 20 or 28. Check out what band your preferred network has below:
MTN 4G LTE , supports band 20 (800MHz) and Band 7 (2600MHz)
Glo 4G LTE, supports band 28 (700MHz)
Etisalat 4G LTE, supports band 3 (1800MHz)
NTEL 4G LTE, supports band 8 (900MHz) and Band 3 (1800MHz)
Spectranet and Swift, supports band 40 (2300mhz)
Smile, supports band 20 (800mhz)
Those are the numbers folks and according what we heard, the lower frequencies tend to perform better in rural areas with fewer masts and they can travel through walls better with decent coverage while the higher frequencies do the opposite, but they can cope with more users in populated areas connecting at once. These are technical terms that I don’t think you need right now, whatever frequency your preferred network has, you should get some decent upload and download speed. You could download 1GB file under 4-mins, and this is a fact!

4 thoughts on “Install Yes Movies Kodi Add-on for Latest Movie Series On Andriod Tv Box

  1. Wow good news!! With the 4g i can enjoy my android box to the full. Cannot wait for the 4g network in my howntown Makurdi.

  2. plse pakos inform strong software engineers that users of srt 4922 series have waited for long for auto roll powervu software, even qsat we thought was dead have released auto roll softwares for two models. thank you sir.

  3. pls can you coat this data plans in CEDI’s ,which network preferable to use in Ghana in terms of cheaper data on android box usage .thank you

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