Introducing the new E-sat Q19 4 in 1 decoder

Hi Friends,

As you may or might have read on other blogs about this Qsat Q19g of a thing, i want to give you guys the real gist about this box. Although few weeks back, i did broke the news that Q19g being prepared to hit the market, but i was accused of spreading another rumor, and the same accusers were the first to publish it on their blogs and websites after the information was leaked from my forum through their spies.

Anyways let’s move on. As i could tell, the new E-sat Q19g opens canalsat, all the channels on the new mytv Africa and tvsat with 98% stability. Although, canalsat is still a work in progress, being opening all the channels on the sat, but still freezing as usual. Also, it does justice to all powervu channels, i mean it auto rolls all the channels flawlessly and with speed. Though with softcam key and with the help of internet connection.

Now this is the real deal about this E-sat Q19g. The popular Qsat company will knew that produces q11g-q28g has seized to exist. I’m saying they’re no longer existing. So automatically, all qsat decoders in the market are dead!!! E-sat is another brand name, just as superesat that went into agreement with Qsat to make any of their services work on their own decoder as well. But it seems E-sat now got the nod from qsat to carry on the job, while the real qsat is going off. Qsat company will never allow canalsat to run on two (2) different brands, receivers, due to their greediness. Once E-sat Q19g populates the market, and eventually goes off, they will brand another name and continue from where they stop.


=> The answer is NO. Why, because Qsat has told us time from time that there would be no longer support anymore and we should buy E-sat Q19.


=> As long as paytv exist, iks and dongles would never die. In essence, their would still be mosquitoes feeding on human blood as long as human being exist. So it’s all left for you to either chose mosquitoes to keep feeding on your blood which automatically gives you malaria fever  or you keep buying insecticides to kill them whenever you come across them.

The decoder with me, which are samples, is just to check what they have to offer, nothing else. And also to guide you as to not make same mistakes wasting your money. Though, i have been receiving calls from numerous guys out there wanting to lay their hands on the decoder, but if you’re interested in getting one and could withstand the headaches, you can contact me for one. But just have in mind that i will never provide any support when you run into issues with the decoder.




Simple and shot. It’s just as changing from black pants to blue pants. Different brands, but still same softwares ,servers and greedy personnel.


Also, for now, tvsat and mytv are working as official decoder, opening all the local channels and movies on it, and canalsat having EPL right and other football events to be aired live by them, and also auto rolls all powervu channels, hd 24 most especially and it also comes with 12 month TCAM account.


Same freezing party on canalsat, but working perfectly on mytv and tvsat for now. mytv host some local contents which are premium packages just like starsat. If you still fully know the stories of starsat, this should give you a glimpse of what should happen when it start spreading.

Once Esat-Q19g start spreading like mosquitoes, the owners of the contents will order for insecticides and pesticides. Meaning they would carry out network upgrades, and either making it not stable or will totally block the loopholes. Like i said earlier, iks, cccam,gshare and dongles would keep existing as long as paytv exist because it only provides temporarily solution to watching premium contents from paytv providers. So you choose to buy it at your own risk, and as well to dump it where you dumped your qsat decoders when the time comes.


My advice to groaners, don’t buy. If you are into the game and still a fan of iks cccam and dongle, buy. If you are thinking of other alternatives, permanent, subscribe to premium paytv service or contact me for andriod tv box.

Never heard of andriod box or if it can match premium paytv contents? Read HERE and HERE and HERE

The andriod tv boxes works with internet alone. But people say they’re data vampires. Read HERE and HERE to proof them wrong.

Need another temporarily alternatives. Then install 400cm dish (4M) and buy gshare or cccam account to enjoy worldclass premium tv channels.

Andriod tv boxes (fully programmed), auto roll decoders, (superesat and gsky), Esat-Q19G,wireless airmouse, portable 3G router all in stock. 

For purchases, reach me through whatsapp or call 07066330624.

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11 thoughts on “Introducing the new E-sat Q19 4 in 1 decoder

  1. Pakogist, thanks on your analysis and advice as regards the E-Sat Q19, some other people will just try to push the box to their customers without letting them know the implications. my take on this is that this Chinese guys knows what they are doing to us, its only the gullible that will fall for them over and over again. i have since learnt my lesson from my experience with Q-Sat.

  2. Tanx Pako, is this Esat Q-19 t2? I mean is it digital or just satellite decoder? I am currently having issues with my Q23 and would need a new digital decoder so I would like to try this not because of its ability to open paytv but just a replacement for my q23.

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