Introducing Tiger T245+ Pro Auto Roll Receiver For Sport 24

It’s a pity we would have to wait till eternity for other existing old boxes to auto roll sport 24 again. Reason is, the manufacturers have interest on it new products. Same as Strong. We have more users of strong 4950 series, alphabox x4 , Qsat, vinsat, 3D tech etc… but they have refused to continue support on their old products. So their have been panics everywhere on what decoder to use for sport 24.

Whether you like it or not, sport 24 is just a temporarily thing. I have realized that, no matter the amount you used to purchase any dongle or receiver, it’s just for the time being. I mean when it goes off, two or three more upgrades would make that very receiver get expired. I could remember when i purchased freesat v7 for powervu, thinking that they would be up to expectation and fight for their market, if there’s any upgrade or reasons for them to provide software support, if we don’t flood their forum with thread or same repeated post, they won’t respond to us. They will keep supporting newer models and abandon older models. After all these experience, i think to me it’s not  wise for us to let them keep using straw on our hard earn money.

I want to introduce a new decoder to you guys. You don’t need to buy Tiger 3000 or T8 ultra or Alphabox x6+ or Gsky or Strong 4955 series for sport 24. They’re just so expensive and sport 24 doesn’t worth that wasting of money, though it gives us free access to watch the English premier league and champions league. Don’t misquote me, i’m not trying to condemn any product, but i feel this off and on, then we buy another receiver, they can never do such in Europe. Since Nigeria is a consuming country, i bet you, our dealers will give them the full password and combo to exploit us.

You may never heard or might have heard of this small receiver. Tiger 245+ pro.

Tiger was the very first to provide patch for sport 24. Only for all their new products. This Tiger T245+ pro is just less that Ten Thousand naira (#10,000.00). I don’t sell it, but if you need it, you can contact me, i will get it for you. I’m only introducing it to you because it’s worth the gamble for now. Another reason is for you to save your money and not running after expensive toys. They’re just names. They’re all the same.

The Tiger T245+ pro auto roll sport 24 for such small amount and it comes with six (6) months pre-loaded funcam account for hotbird and hispasat. Whether you buy Tiger T3000 or T8 ultra, once sport 24 goes off, all other receivers would also off, same time, same day. So for those of us calling for Tiger T3000 or running after T8 ultra, those decoders are mainly made for big dish users. So if you don’t have at least 300cm (3m) dish, i see no reason for you to invest such huge amount of money just for sport 24.

Tiger T245+ pro can also be use as normal FTA receiver, u can add and edit keys for any satellite. It’s worth the risk. So you can go for it. Anywhere you see it, or if you want to get it from me, it’s less than #10,000.

If you need the decoder from me, we sell it offline. We ship immediately after full payment. It works everywhere there’s sport 24 signal. Ghana, Ivory coast, Tanzania, Uganda, Togo etc. If you need it in bulk, no problem.

Consider saving for Android tv box because carling cup is not on Dsthieves anymore. They lost the right. Learn more about the Android tv box here. With Android tv box, you watch anything and everything. Despite me having hotbird and sport 24 setup at home, i watch 80% of sport on the Android tv box.

For any inquiries or purchasing order, please contact us on whatsapp or call 07066330624

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21 thoughts on “Introducing Tiger T245+ Pro Auto Roll Receiver For Sport 24

  1. more grease to your elbow sir. t245+pro is opening sports 24 but hotbird and hispasat stop working after I installed new software, what happened?

  2. Pakogist why must you condemn Strong and other HD decoder just for you to sale tiger and you once said that you don’t sale it but we should purchase by u at rate of 10000 Naira just to get one, tiger 245pro that is sold at rate of 5800 naira you said 10000 naira what a criminal act

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