IPTV- Andriod Tv Box Now For Everybody

I just thought it’s necessarily to also provide latest trending update on IPTV world/Andriod Tv box contrarily to what some guys use to say that IPTV are only for the rich.

One thing about me is, i will keep my mouth closed if i haven’t tried and confirm something working. I rep the average Nigerian so i think, if i come here to advice you on what’s trending and what i’m using, an average Nigerian will conveniently suit to it.

Now before i go further, check out this image;


Some programs on Zeetv are like EPL to ladies. I mean, zeetv is as popular as we men watching Epl. As you could noticed on the image above, it’s Zeetv HD. I only stream on HD, with Glo and Etisalat.

The message i want to pass out here is, ignore those still saying IPTV are for the rich. I believe if they’re opportune to read this article, they will change their tone. Now checkout these packages;

pay after delivery
Daily plans

Weekly Plans
10gb @1300

Monthly plans
5gb @1500
15gb @3000
60gb @5000

I have like 3-4 sellers , trusted reselling data from all network providers. I decided to try the weekly plan, 30GB for 1 week, for a truth, we spend 6-7 hours daily streaming on HD, the 7th day, i still had approximately 4gb data left, and i had to subscribe again to role it over.

I always advice that for now, the Andriod box to be used strictly for soccer. I mean, whatever match you can’t get on satellite, you must find it on the Andriod tv box. I wonder how convenient is for someone to live his house by 9pm and walk to the next street to pay #100 to watch a match where which you can get cheap data to watch the match at your own convenience. They say ignorance is a disease, so i don’t blame those that are still spreading false stories about IPTV. With 3.75G, you should conveniently stream on HDs, now, we have 4G, so i think you should give this a try.

The reasons why IPTV will floor satellite from 2017 in Nigeria are;

  • Network providers will start offering unlimited data plans for less than #10000
  • You will see offer from 100GB from #2000 from next year from data resellers
  • 4G should have role over the country, making it difficult for cable tv to sell

Apart from the above listed, cable tv is no near match to IPTV. Let me give you a typical example. If someone advice you to get a big dish and install hotbird or hispasat just to bypass IPTV, let’s say you installed 4oocm dish, you end up getting over 3 thousand channels, you will end up going for cccam or ghare account which won’t open more than 1000 channels from your 3 thousand. Of course you know you need internet to enjoy cccam and also, i tell you the truth, you will be fed up because 70% of the 1000 channels your cccam will open won’t be in English. But on IPTV setup boxes or Andriod box, if you can count all the channels on it, maybe let’s say 5 thousand, all will open.

I know we still have iks fan out there. I want to break a news to you. Qsat has re-surfaced again using a different brand name. The decoder auto rolls and opens canalsat. I was fed up with the then Q19 they sent to me as sample and i sold it 3 days later, so i have rejected another offer to receive a free sample because i can’t afford to spoil my name that few people had already known for trust and quality.

If Glo network is perfect in your area, you can get a wooping 24GB for #4200, a month. If Glo is bad in your area, i bet you, even if is just a bar on Etisalat network, trust me, it will out perform Glo with full bar.

It’s not necessary you buy from me. All i’m doing is spreading the good news and giving you options to consider. The advantage you get if you purchase any IPTV from me is, my Andriod tv box comes pre-loaded with the best addon and all the important sports channel.

For those with pay view centre, try to consider Andriod box. I bet you, if you get Etisalat for #1700, weekly, same day, let’s say on saturday, you will recover your money back.

I still have WiFi stick for all decoders, pre-loaded Andriod tv box, auto roll decoders, portable 3G/4G router, air mouse in stock. (07066330624)

If you’re interested on the Etisalat package, rather than calling, please comment below, i will provide the resellers details. They’re trusted.

13 thoughts on “IPTV- Andriod Tv Box Now For Everybody

  1. Pakogist,you are really doing a great job.Keep it up.It’s rather sad to say that DATA is really expensive here in Ghana.Any cheat for Ghanaians as well to enable enjoy our IPTV box to the fullest?

  2. Hello pakogist, if these cheap data bundles are data slash Promo as you stated dont you think they will revert back to selling at normal rate after the promo? or is it permanent. truly, iptv is the future, cant wait to get one of those box from you.

  3. how much is the android tv box and what brands are available with you now so i can buy
    Plus the etisalat data reseller number please ??

    Good morning

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