July Updates on Qsat ,Azsky,FTA and IPTV

Pardon me for bringing this late to you. I have been busy monitoring the developments on dongles, trying to locate beinsports new satellites which is out and also trying to follow up on azsky.

First lets begin with qsat.

As we are all aware, qsat recently released softwares for their respective decoders but the once that works perfect is Qsat q26 and qsat 28g. Currently, canalsat is working on q28g and q26g but it freezes alot. But it opens all the channels on the bird. supersports3 as well is showing but freezing annoyingly.Also, the Dstv channels are 95% stable if you have a good internet. Recently, Etisalat has not been working on qsat but i received email from Qsat team that it has been added and i also want to bring to your notice that you can no longer access Xcam account on Q26 and Q28 which they claimed it was due to customs check when importing the decoders as custom will forward the box to Dstv and it will be lost. To back this up, this was the email i got from them;

“hello, friend, from Q26G,no need avatarcam option again,the Q28G no need also.please download the latest docs from your admin portal before you can use it and forward to your country users.

Quote cont’d,

for a new user you can do those steps;

1.to confirm you can open Youtube or google web via receiver, if the sim card failed, please use the ethernet or wifi to try again.

2. to rescan all channels from 36E or 22W,to check how many paid channels you can watch.

3.the iks account no need actived,when the internet is ready,the iks account will work automatically.

note, if you use the sim card to connect the internet by GPRS mode, you need use the sim card publiced by GLO/ETISALAT/AIRTEL company, otherwise the GPRS will failed. in tanzania,some area can’t use the GPRS function.


End of quote..

Also, for the past days for those using qsat, some dstv channels were added while the important sports stations are missing. The qsat teams has been notified and they are currently fixing it. The cause of this is, the satellite frequency was not added for scanning. we should be expecting another software for the fix.


I’m a huge fan of Azsky.. infact, i had to purchase qsat decoders just to monitor it performance as i’m selling the account. Azsky is still on testing mode as some channels often comes up at midnight for some few hours and goes off. I have been monitoring it for the day it went off and will keep updating you guys. For now, no new updates or specific time it would come up.


For now, as long as i know, only TV3 is only hope for live matches. I will update the topic soon with my latest findings.


Believe it or ignore it. IPTV is here to stay. contrary to rumors that ANcloud Iptv box is the best for IPTV, i would rather say its a waste of money. why? To watch a full live match on Ancloud box, you would require at leasts 2GB data. why would you use such huge amount of data to stream just a match while you can watch that match on a pay TV center for 100 naira? I once introduced an IPTV decoder but due to the cost of getting the decoders and customs extortion, i stopped importing it. My advice is, since you have a qsat decoder, you can get an IPTV account for 5,000 naira for a year and watch over 2000 channels including beinports 1-16 with little amount of data on your qsat. for those that doesn’t have a qsat decoder and you think you can afford any of the IPTV boxes, you can go ahead.  I’m currently negotiating with a manufacturer of IPTV box which i found better and cheaper. After we finalize or agree on a fee, i will post it here.

Qsat and canalsat account available for #3500 for 6 months and IPTV account for #5000 for a year.

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8 thoughts on “July Updates on Qsat ,Azsky,FTA and IPTV

  1. Hello sir, I haven’t used any of the decoders neither do I have any account with qsat or any other brand. But I am quite interested in it. Which can you recommend with at least 60% guaranty, and how do I get it. Also, I am not really into sports but more of movies. Thank you.

  2. Gud pm Sir pls how can I view joytv channels on qsat 23g?I have just updated d decoder software and have scanned with almost all d satellite I can view but I will see d channels but can’t view.it showing the dollar sign beside it as if it is a paid channel.

  3. Thank u sir,I have done that but only d cctv channels are showing with no audio.All other channels are still not showing.

  4. Hi, i just got qsat 28g but the internet is failing and frustrating, Secondly most how can i get iptv account on the decoder and i will be able to watch sport channels, movies, news, documentary and cartoon for my Children.

    1. unfortunately you can’t watch iptv on your q28g. Also all the premium channels are forever gone. I would suggest you get our Andriod box and throw away your Qsat.

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