June Update On Azsky and FTA

Its been a while i updated you guys on the latest on satellite world. Pakogist was recently hijacked by some fools and we are happy to regain our site back and keep doing what we know best.


To my own understanding, last month when Azsky did a test run on their server, it worked perfectly without any issue. This is not a new thing as the chinese will always do whatever they could to exploit us as we have no option than to give them our money whenever they need it. The truth is that, Their server has been fixed but they switched it off in other for some account to run to almost it expiry date before they will switch on the server in other to sell new account to get more money from us. For those that keeps calling that their device is bad, its not true, It stopped working and would be back before the beginning of the new football season.


Recently, Qsat has been doing fine, but epileptic in the west (Canalsat). There has been some updates on the latest qsat series, i.e, Qsat q26 and q28. New softwares are being released to fix issues of epileptic service in the west and other pre-installed freebies on the decoder.

A new software was released for Speed HD1 and Q26 to solve issues of freezing channels when watching canalsat.

You can get the softwares here (q26g)  and for (speed HD1) . Also as reported earlier, Gotv is blazing on q28g for free. There are also some FTA channels working and details are on the website.

More Updates coming soon!!!.

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