Kodi Ban: What It Means To Kodi Boxes And Other Iptv Streaming Devices

It may not be news to most of us kodi fans out there that kodi has been banned. The fact that kodi was banned in the UK doesn’t mean it’s the end to streaming live contents on the internet or on any multimedia streaming devices such as the Android Tv boxes , the MAG 250 devices , Iptv stalker, etc. I have been receiving lots of emails and calls regarding this which has created a lot of panics out there, but to my best of knowledge, i would be explaining what the kodi ban means to kodi boxes and other internet streaming devices.

First of all, kodi software is legal, this is because it’s a free software that doesn’t comes with any kodi add-on. Kodi Add-ons are packages that add features and functions not normally added to kodi. Add-ons are developed by most of the kodi teams and other third parties. Kodi has many add-ons out there for online content like Youtube, Hulu, Pandora radio, theme skins and which are available on their own official repositories, while also kodi giving third parties gateways to host their own unofficial repositories and add-ons.

In a recent studies, it has been studied that, over two hundred million kodi boxes are being sold every months and the growth rates are alarming and broadcasters and Iptv rights holders are really furious about this.

In a common Nigerian or let me say African languages, i would rather say, most of this kodi Add-ons  are being run underground, tapping from the contents provider sources without them being noticing. Or let me say in other words, running like a cccam thing.  It is this Add-ons that are being targeted by the UK ‘s governments , ISP’s, agencies, right holders, and broadcasters which are trying to push kodi or stop it from streaming live contents out from the internet. Now these Add-ons that gives access to users are the once causing issues here, generally being referred to kodi Add-ons, this is just the reason we read online that KODI HAS BEEN BANNED!!

Furthermore, the English premier league has become so popular to the extent that, any single view must not be free. Anyone wanting to see even a second of any game must pay for it that is the reason the UK government has stepped up in blocking all third party applications streaming the English premier league illegally without any rights.


To me, i would say those laws are for UK residents, because the ban is from a court in the Europe and not for Africans, Asians or other countries around the globe. All what the UK government are trying to say here is, “Consumers need to be aware that any multimedia streaming devices that allow you access to premium pay-TV channels without any form of subscription, or access to movies that are not yet available to rent or buy, are illegal”. Kodi Add-ons such as the exodus, phoenix host films that are not yet even available in the market and these Add-ons are one their primary targets. Now if you may ask me what i think about all this, i would rather put it in form of a question. The videos on Facebook and YouTube, are they also illegal being that we also see same movies on the Kodi boxes? Or Are the satellite providers scared of loosing grounds with the rapid in-flocks of Tv boxes around the world? Only time will tell.


We have also stepped up our game. For those that recently ordered our products directly, if you could notice, we have completely taking kodi off from the boxes. Reason is just to be on the safer side and also not to experience interrupted streaming while watching your box. Although the recent ban doesn’t mean that all kodi Add-on would go off immediately, it means, any one streaming contents on Kodi using any UK ISP  (IP) addresses would be blocked. So even if you still install kodi, to me, you’re safe. But if you want to, i suggest you use VPN.


For movies, we are now installing terrarium APK application. You may ask, what is this? Terrarium TV is an Android app APK which allows you to watch, stream and download FREE and 1080p HD TV Shows and movies on your Android devices. We have paid and premium terrarium APK. We install the premium APK on all our Tv boxes. On this APK, you find all movies in the world on it, you could choose to watch on any resolution of your choice, another good thing is, rather than streaming it, and maybe you missed out on some of the scenes, you could as well choose to download the movie in any resolution of your choices and watch later. Interesting right? View images below;

For our sporting package, we also have installed premium sport APK on all our boxes as well. The likes of Mobdro, UKTV, livenet tv, WSS etc, are just months or let me say weeks of surviving because once the UK ISP blocks all illegal streams, those third parties APK would only work without you seeing any live EPL matches.

On this APK which is premium, you have more than one hundred live tv stations, all sports channels you could ever think of, movies, cartoons, the trace urban, etc. Like i said earlier, the APK is premium. No ads, no buffering and even consume lesser data because it’s 100% paid and in premium.


The answer is no. I still stick to my words. Watch EPL, laliga, UCL, Europa, pre-season friendlies and all other leagues, movies, cartoons, etc on the Android Tv boxes for free!!!. The premium APK we now install on our boxes are replacement for kodi. Which means it’s totally free. You won’t pay a dime after you get the box from us. I mean, zero subscription as long as you get the box from me.

NB: For those that already gotten the boxes from us, either through our jumia online shop or directly, you can contact me through WhatsApp or call (+234-7066330624), and after verification, the APK would be sent to your email to download and install to your box(es).  Also for those that find it difficult to scroll channels on the APK, you can get a USB mouse or get a wireless mouse with keyboard from us.

It’s not just about buying any Kodi boxes out there, it’s about buying it and using it. The boxes are really selling hot and the only best alternatives to watch live football matches across the world.

I believe with this, you should be able to keep enjoying the Android tv boxes and also if you have been scared, you should be fine now because they say “knowledge is power”.

You can order any of our Tv boxes online through jumia https://www.jumia.com.ng/packdroid-ent/ . Look our for PACKDROID ENT before you checkout because any Android tv boxes you buy out there, you would be stuck with kodi, and may have issues watching any live football matches. If you have ordered through jumia and the APK are not yet installed on the box, please kindly reach out to me with your order number, i will fix things up for you in minutes.




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