Kodi Repositories on Andriod box– What they are and how to use them

For those that already gotten the Andriod box from us and you out there that hasn’t joined the world of IPTV which is the future, maybe you are scared on data consumption which i keep stating that with just #70 ,you can stream unlimited for 24 hours, #350 weekly, i just also want to let you know that there’re more to having the andriod box, there’re lot of hidden entertainment on it that you could have ever imagine, watching highlights,recorded videos,MP3 and lots more.

I will be explaining more on KOdi repositories,what are they and how to use them.

What are Kodi Repositories?

Kodi Repositories, aka Repo’s, are containers for Addons, which are essentially apps for Kodi.  Some Kodi repositories just include one Addon, others many.  By installing a Kodi Repository instead of individual Addons, the Addons are automatically updated when a new version is released.

Kodi Repositories come in the form of ZIP files.

There are a number of ways to access them.  Some easier than others.  The easiest and quickest way by far to install Repo’s, is to use special giant Repositories that include many of them.

The two main players in the game are the nicely named SuperRepo and XunityTalk’s Xfinity.

By setting up these Kodi Repositories you won’t have to spend time searching for which Repo the Addon you want is in, and then install that one repository alone to access it. They give you access to nearly all of them all in one go. Displayed in categories in a easy to use interface.


SuperRepo is one massive repository, with many sub repositories included.  It has over 2,400 addons and also includes other goodies, such as Skins.  Skins change the appearance of Kodi.  What they have done is to index nearly all of the Addons all in one central place.  Therefore making it easy to browse through them all and find the one you want.

Kodi Reposirories - SuperRepo

The SuperRepo website also has a nice feature which is Addon Bundles.  These let you create a bundle of your best Addons and share them with other users.

If an Addon is not supported for your version of Kodi/XBMC, or becomes broken. SuperRepo will remove them from the available list.  This is handy to ensure you have good working Addons with no compatibility issues.

As you can imagine there are to many to list them all in this post.

To see an easy to follow tutorial on how to use then head over to – Superrepo Kodi (xbmc) – How to setup.


XunityTalk is similar to SuperRepo but may contain content that SuperRepo doesn’t and vis-versa.

It is also the home of IStream, which is an alternative to the traditional Addons method.  It helps you search multiple sites for content and even integrates into your Kodi Skin.

Here is a list of Kodi Repositories, Skins and stand alone Addons that are included:

Kodi Repositories

  • Bluecop
  • Canada On Demand
  • Carb0s
  • Cocawe
  • Noobroom
  • Sparetime
  • T0mm0
  • XunityTalk_Repository

Kodi Skins

  • Ace
  • AeonNox
  • Amber
  • Bello
  • Ccm-lite
  • Ccm-liteXunityMod
  • FusionMigma
  • Metropolis
  • Neon
  • ReTouched
  • XunityMod
  • helix-xunitytalk-mod

Standalone Addons and Programms

  • IStream
  • UstvNow
  • Veetle

There will soon be reviews of all the best Repo’s and Addon’s right here on the site.

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