LASTEST MTN 60mb and 2go 3gb working imei and settings

DIS imei has been working for a while now and still working. so just follow instructions

1. Tweak this IMEI in your MTK
Android device 864981012890700
2. After tweaking, confirm IMEI has
been changed, using this *#06# to
3. Then, Go to your message type and
send “ lyte ” to 131.
4. Immediately after doing step 1-3,
you will get 60MB in the
confirmation message that will be
sent to you.
5. Dial *559*6# to check your free
MTN 2go 3GB data and to check
your 60MB dial *123*3*4#
NOTE: Your accumulated data will be
60mb + 3gb free data, hence take note
that the 60mb data works without any third
party VPN app while your 3gb 2go data can
only be used with apps such as Simple
server or Psiphon.

settings for the 3gb

>>Create a New APN setting On Your Phone As Follows..



=Port: 8080

Save And Activate it, set the new created apn as your default settings.

Go to simple server and configure the settings
>Proxy host:

>Proxy Port: 8080

>Injection Method: get

>Injection querry/url:

>Injection Host:

>Injection line: press your enter key 4 times

>Buffer size: 8092

>concurrent connection:10

>Log level: debug

Close and power on your SS

If ur phone is rooted use auto proxy to power all apps

Set your auto proxy as follow
proxy host:
proxy port:8080
proxy type: HTTP

save and connect …..
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