Latest August 2016 Updates on Qsat and HD 24

Last night, (08/18/2016), i was enjoying Celtic match on Special events and my phones keeps on ringing. When i checked on it, i got almost 300 unread messages on whatsapp, and telegram about HD24. I didn’t even noticed downtime because it auto rolled the new keys when they changed it, while other popular box went off for some minutes and eventually came up after they updated softcam through internet. Also, we noticed that signal has been dropped by 3-4%, so we should be prepared for the unexpected just as i keep advising my followers and those who don’t want to be stranded when the time comes.

Before i go further, below is the updated keys for MTN WORLDWIDE

Key 00: D0 3E 1E B4 42 D7 CA
Key 01: 2E 05 2D 59 DD 6D D5            RECENTLY UPDATED (08/18/2016) 7:35PM

If you want to keep enjoying powervu for now, if you need my advice, i will only recommend to you superesat and gsky powervu decoders. The complaints on other popular decoders is three much, like reprogramming of IC while trying to upgrade your box and it eventually get bricked.


If you could recall, my last update on Qsat, i uploaded some softwares that was doing justice to canalsat and opening some channels on dsthieves and gave a strong warning about patronizing then as they don’t have anything to offer again for now.  Just to backup my claim or let me say last update on qsat, qsat has halted supports on all their decoders for now. The new latest in town for qsat is, they have produced a brand new decoder “Q19” .  According to them, they claimed it has a new hardware now which they can’t integrate to their other decoders and that the new decoder will open canalsat and tvsat. This is one a hell a white scam. I mean broad day light scam.

I don’t have any headache with qsat business but just trying to open your eyes to another white trick they will use to scam you once more. There’s no single package for small dish users that will ever survive. Being it canalsat, dstheives or anything. So be wise.

If you need a permanent option for soccer , try to get an andriod box. It would be a big plus to you if you get it from me, you can always get it elsewhere if you currently have trust issues, but for me, i have succeeded in spreading this device and it is making waves all over Nigeria and across Africa.

How can i get cheaper data? Read from HERE

How can i manage this andriod box? Read from HERE

For order and other purchasing inquiries, call, whatsapp,telegram or email (07066330624,

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38 thoughts on “Latest August 2016 Updates on Qsat and HD 24

  1. Oga Pako,which model of GSKY are u using cos ma GSKY V6 got scrambled for a few minutes before decrypting the channels again.Does it meand that there are other models dat does not scrambled no matter the key change?

  2. hi sir i left my gsky v6 on sports 24 all day after rebooting my decoder several times but it is still scrambled. wat should i do?

    1. please reset your decoder. If you have hd 24 on the east, make sure you select 57e and blindscan, do so for west position. Then hang on for few minutes, it should come up.

    1. Sony Entertainment TV
      Sony Kix – Sony SAB TV India -Sony Pix -Sony Six-Sony Max India-Sony Max 2-SET India
      Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E 3900 H 22222-5/6
      00. E3F7 6D64 29D3 17 15.08.2016
      01. 2ADE 1C86 4AA8 7B 15.08.2016 active.

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