Latest Development on Azsky and Qsat

As stated on my previous articles about current status of azsky, as at today 2nd April,2015, Azsky is still offline. Although i have been in constant contact with the engineers and their sales department and last email i got from them was that , they are still working on the server. As of now, the last man standing is Qsat.

Qsat has been working perfectly on some few stations it managed to decrypt like ss3ni,ss5ni,ss6,ss7ni,trace urban,Edge,mact+ and so on.. Although it takes like 10-15 seconds to display when clicked on any channel but its 100% stable. You may be thinking if this is the end of Azsky, but i can beat my chest assuring you guys that azsky would be back stronger. They was about to release their new HD channel decoder before their server was attacked.

Are there other alternatives to Azsky since its not working?

Yes. Qsat is there. But i won’t advice anyone to invest or purchase any dongle or decoder for now as i can’t guarantee you the life span of any dongle or qsat. There are some FTA stations we can manage for now ; Bein sports HD 1 and 2, MBC stations and so on as stated here

Here is once more again how to get the FTA channels;

  • Beinsports 1 & 2 HD + other four channles is tracked and pinned on Eutelsat w3a 7.0E and you can decrypt it with a biss key that i already provided here.( Note: when you blinscan this satellite position you will get up to 400 channels but you can only open six premium channels with the biss keys. even though you will receive many scrambled mb channels on this frequency, they wont open with the provided biss keys)
  • For you to get mbc hd channels about 7 in total, you need to track and scan it on Badr 26,5E and it requires no biss keys to open.
  • You can only view both the mbc hd channels and the beinsports hd channels with an Mpeg-4 HD Decoder. If you use ordinary mpeg-4 like 4669x, you will only receive the audio and you won’t receive the viusuals of the channels.
  • You can’t scan and track both the mbc view-able channels and the beinsports on the same dish or with dual Lnb on the same dish. You need two separate dish and lnb to get them. This is because they are on different satellite positions that are far from each other.
  • Engage the service of an experienced satellite installer to help you with the installation.
  • I only know how to input biss keys into selected popular decoders like strong, qsat, azsky and tlink. if your decoder is different from the aforementioned, please navigate yourself to whee you can enter the biss keys into it. for example, for tlink press menu>>settings>>patch menu>>then scroll left or right with the navigation buttons on your remote until you get to “BISS” then press the red button on your remote to add a new biss key. If the list are all occupied, delete one of the rows with yellow button and use your remote to add it. make sure you press okay before going back. Biss keys are case sensitive.
  • MBC and Bein sports can be blocked anyday and anytime as FTA stations always turns premium stations when they record high number of views.
  • Channels TV, wap TV and so on is still free on amos 16.0e. Also for those of you that love religious channels, MyTV has moved from intelsat 68.0e to amos 16.0e



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