Latest PowerVu Encryption keys, Satellite biss keys, Dongle Updates.

Today, i will be dropping some fresh powervu keys and satellite biss key on some selected satellites. Before you can enjoy any of this, you must have a minimum of 1.8m dish.

[ SIS-Live  ] 01-10-2015
ASTRA (4.8°E) 12149-H-27500 + 12418-H-27500
ECMKEY1: 5E6B95D0E6847E
[ BWTV  ] 01-10-2015
Hotbird 13.0°E 11054-H-27500
Nile Sat 7°W-11595 V 27500
ECMKEY0= 9FD35079523CC8
ECMKEY1= 49CE24A30EC799
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Also here are some biss keys and satellite frequencies; Make sure you look for a good installer  to track it rather than calling me to ask where the dish will face.
FREQ: 12054 H 27500 SiD:0004
Biss:1A8A 34D8 5C6B A76E
EDGE SPORTS Asiasat5 100.5E
TP.4040 H 29720 MPEG4 HD SID.0002
(This is my favorite FTA sport channel on Asiasat)
7.0°E – Eutelsat 7A/7B  ” FCB TV”
Frequency: 12560 – Pol: H – SR: 7200
Category: Sport – Football
Biss :82 A4 4C 72 18 D9 99 8A
ASIASAT’5/100.5’E BeiN Sports1 MPEG_4/HD
FREQ: 3700 V 30000 SiD:0001
Biss:E2 05 0F 16 DF B7 EF 0F
ASIASAT’5/100.5’E BeiN Sports3 MPEG_4/HD
FREQ: 3700 V 30000 SiD:0003
Biss:6A DE 77 BF B8 B5 43 B0
22.0°W – SES-4 
Frequency: 11573 – Pol: H – SR: 7500
Category: Sport 
Biss :10 10 15 35 AA 68 26 38
22.0°W – SES-4
Frequence: 12654 – Pol: H – SR: 7200
Categorie: Sport – Football
Biss :11 11 CA EC F8 22 22 3C
Please comment below anyone that worked for you.
As as 10/07/2015, All dongles including qsat are off. No cccam for dst* as well. Though i’ve been trying to contact qsat on the way forward but no reply yet. To me, they are dancing to the tunes of dst* surflock. So anyone that is writing or asking you to purchase account for spycam or qsat decoders, don’t ever make that mistake. You have to be patient and watch what happens next. Also i tried out patch softwares for powervu on qsat and it’s totally useless. It’s not working. Powervu patches on qsat are fakes else i would have dropped it for you. I always get called whenever i post about powervu as they ain’t reliable. The only solution now is to get an IPTV decoder which i always talk about on most of my articles. Even though Qsat decided to come back today, it lifeline is let me say 25%. For those that can afford bigger size of dish, cccam is there for you and also lots of FTAs and biss key are always available.
Also i would like to clear the air on champions decoder and IPTV on Qsat.
i. Even Ghanaians don’t even trust champions decoder. so many guys i have contact with told me most of their subscribers are returning the decoder. Ask me why? This is because, the most active sports channels on champions decoder “REDLIGHT TV” is not own by champions tv. They hacked it and uses biss key. The owners have found out and blocked it. So if you have money and looking for alternatives, IPTV and Andriod Boxes are what you should go for. Meanwhile before switching to IPTV, always know which to choose as 2GB of data might not be enough for you to watch full live match. Quote me wrong here using the comment box below.
ii. Qsat IPTV is totally rubbish. I have an account with me and i decided not to sell it because it didn’t even worked for me. Initially i thought my internet was bad when i first tried it. I used spectranet,smile 4G, multilinks, it’s freezing like their canalsat. when i contact them, they told me they are aware of it and they will fix it. Up till this very moment after 7 months ago, it’s still the same. And also you can’t even get any meaningful sport channels showing tennis let alone football. So for those that keeps calling, i hope after reading this, you know what decisions to make. I will keep updating you on latest unfold events on qsat and any dongles. There are rumors in town about Aone decoder selling account for powervu patches on their decoder. Just be careful and don’t fall into the wrong hands. Those guys asking you to purchase any dongle despite all what that’s going on, they’re inhuman. You have to stay away from them.If  you keep visiting pakogist, you won’t fall into any scam and we will keep you updated on the latest satellite gist and dongle world.
We have opened comment box. Instead of calling, use the comment box for all your questions and we will reply according to our best of knowledge.
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