Latest Powervu Softwares for SuperEsat and Alphabox

Within the space of 24 hours, we have experienced key changes on HD 24. Due to numerous calls, chats and emails, i had to dig out these latest softwares from the manufacturers so that you keep enjoying your boxes with ease. But when it comes to real auto roll decoder, gsky is still the best. I mean 1000% best.

For the alphabox users, i will provide two links for you. Link for alphabox x4 and x6. All you need do is to download the softwares to a clean virus free flashdrive and upgrade

NB; Pakogist would not be held responsible for any damage incurred while upgrading your decoders. You choose to download this softwares and use it at your own risk as i’m dropping the link as provided by the respective manufacturers.

For alphabox x6, download from HERE

For alphabox x4, download from HERE

Now please follow this guide carefully in other not to damage your alphabox.

Download the software to a flashdrive, plug to your alphabox and upgrade it through USB BOOT. If you upgrade it via other means, i’m sorry, your box would be fried.

Now U only type 2778 to get access control, But upgrade at settings

alphabox 2

then upgrade through softcam. NB; you must be connected to the internet when updating softcam.


Good luck!!!


Superesat is one of the secret decoder that is performing wonders. We don’t talk much about it in other not to have clones around. I will drop the latest software for you.

Download superesat auto roll software HERE

Now to upgrade, go to settings, USB upgrade, click on your flashdrive, locate the software and click upgrade.

Please don’t upgrade with PHCN or whatever the name they call it. Buy fuel on your generator or upgrade using inverter.

I hope this help.

If you need auto roll decoders, call, email or whatsapp.

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28 thoughts on “Latest Powervu Softwares for SuperEsat and Alphabox

  1. Good evening my name is abiodun please am not be able to upgrade my super esat decoder it display no match file with the software that i download in your forum and secondly i cant access the access control from the display menu when never i press the ok botton on access control it will not open .please help me out

  2. Good evening please am not be able to upgrade my super esat decoder whener i try to upgrade it is display no match found and am not be able to access the access control botton on the screen any time i press ok botton on access control it will not open please help me out

  3. Sir,I am using srt 4922a with sofware v1.90p. My problem is latest powervu keys for hbo and sport24hd are not opening. Can you
    help me with a solution

  4. Hi Mr. Pako, does it mean for now those of us that don’t have decoders that roll over cannot enjoy Sports24 as the last keys you updated for us is currently down too. Mine shows scrambled now. Regards.

  5. Bros,can u plz ask the manufacturers if they can release the firmware for GSKY v6 cos it is not autorolling again.Those with v5 are enjoying whiles we have to be entering keys manually to enjoy the same thing.Thanks

    1. I have forwarded your message to them, though they have stopped producing v6, i have forced them to look for solution and you hear from me next week.

  6. Welldone sir, Please can I use vsat dish to track fta if I attache c band lnb. I asked my installer and he said hes not sure. Please sir let me know as im planning to use it for sport24. Thanks sir

  7. after upgrading my Alphabox x4 its now working very well i even watched manutd match last night and this morning its still working

  8. Hi Mr Pako, thanx for your regular updates & pieces of information you always give your cherish followers. More greeze to your elbows. But I want to ask, which of the Alpha Box X6 softwares specifically do we have download to upgrade our decorders, since all the softwares are for X6. ..? Please help, because one cannot see the software specifically meant for August Sir… Thanks in anticipation.

  9. Oga Pako, thanks so much, for I’ve seen that of August software after enlarging it, But Please i want to find out sometime from you, & please & please, Be Sincere With Me; Is Alpha Box An Auto Roll Decorder…? Thanks…!

  10. Pakos pls I need the TP for sport24HD on 34.5w
    U also said during upgrade of alpha box internet services has to be on How will the service link the alpha box decoder? wireless or thro cable

      1. Pls I would like to know am new and would like to install the dish my self, I have mannage to get access to the old strong decorder for quality signal but my only problem is how to edit and get access to channels. Am using alphabox x6 and constar. Also can I watch sports 24 on my alphabox only after upgrading? Anyone with vast knowledge on these can enlighten me. Thank you and waiting for your kind response.

  11. hi bro please i need the latest super esat decoder and i also have cccam on it which is working after my upgrade is it going to affect it

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