Latest Qsat update- Download Champions tv auto roll softwares for Qsat 26 and 28G

I was supposed to post this few days ago but decided to wait for comments before i do, as the recent softwares from Qsat is either it’s buggy or it will add more issues to the current one.

Last week i received email for softwares Qsat q26g and q28g claiming to auto roll champions tv keys. Meaning, if you’re watching champions tv and it got scrambled, you just connect your decoder to the internet and it will auto roll another keys. Much has been said about the softwares auto rolling Powervu keys which i have personally confirmed to be fake. I didn’t bother to upgrade my qsat with the so called champions tv auto roll because i will end up getting same result. Others claimed it’s working so that’s why i decided to drop the links to the software.

Before you download please read through very well. The software isn’t a must download. I have observed that even those that doesn’t know anything about powervu download whatever software they see online thinking it will add more channels or solve freezing issues on qsat.

Just to add more updates on qsat. As at last week, QSAT rolled out 3 months spycam codes which to me is desperation from them to totally win the market and spread their product. For some days qsat has been working totally fine but last night when it was needed most, same stories that touches, server connected but only maximo1 and ss6 showing, not even stable. I later found out that it was due to ongoing upgrade from dst* that was why most of the channels were off. Incase you don’t know, some dst* channels are currently FTA right now as of 2/2/2016 which means they are currently upgrading. Andriod box doing it thing while QSAT was down. Infact when the match got started last night (02/02/2016) EPL, many man united fans was looking for where to watch match.I told them i was watching it on my Andriod box and took picture from my TV screen for them.

startsport pakogist


EPL (Man united vs Stoke)02/02/2016

I’m not anticipating anything but i’m sure, the end of qsat on dstv is almost near, take it or leave it. Only time will tell.

If you’re interested on the softwares for champions tv auto roll from qsat, download below;

Q26G champion tv auto roll click HERE

Q28G champion tv auto roll click HERE

Don’t wait before someone call you to go get an andriod box. Join the fun now. reach me through whatsapp or call (07066330624, for business purposes only. if you need any help, use the comment form below the post and you will get a reply.


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    Please i want you sent me powerv software for my strong srt 4950, i have this srt 4950 please is it powervu decoder? my email is (


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