Latest Satellite Positions and Biss Keys For Kwese Tv

Kwese tv has fully started production and has been spreading all over the available reachable satellites to all Africans. Currently, they have a sport channel that shows copa del rey, Epl, one per weekend, champions league, one weekly, other good packages which are scrambled. Here are some that was pulled out for you to enjoy;

You can track kwese sport on these positions:
1. intelsat20 @ 68.5east ku band  (Dish size from 60cm)

freq: 12633
symbol rate: 16170
encryption biss:F8 D1 08 D1 17 AB C8 8A

2. belinterasat @51.5 east cband (Dish size from 1.35m)
symbol rate:6420
encryption biss:F2 A1 08 9B 16 AF C1 86 and CW: F2 A2 08 9C 16 AF C2 87

3. eutelsat 7A @ 7east (Dish size from 70cm)
symbol rate:30000
encryption: free

4. Eutelsat 10east (Dish size from 1.8cm)
symbol rate:7706
encryption: CW: F8 D1 08 D1 17 AB C8 8A

5. Belintersat [email protected] (kwese stream) (Dish size from 130cm)
symbol rate:6420
encryption biss: F8 D1 08 D1 17 CB A9 8B

6. Intelsat 22@ 72.1east   (Dish size from 240cm)
symbol rate:13930


6 thoughts on “Latest Satellite Positions and Biss Keys For Kwese Tv

  1. Please is 9E no more functioning on 1metre dish because I couldn’t get it despite all my efforts but all channels from 7e and 5e is what comes up, can’t find AFN…

  2. recently pako i upgraded 2 qsat 23 with the latest autoroll for all updates,but last week i upgraded another qsat but it failed to even open any of the intended programmes,pako what could be the problem this time around/

  3. hi pako,i recently upgraded q23 with the latest software for autoroll and i have done it on several similar recievers but this one did not respond at all,it did not open 57e.what could be the cause/

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