Latest Trending Satellite News and Available Cheaper Means to Paid Tv- Updates 2017

Once again, compliment of the season and happy new year to you all out there!!!.

There haven’t been much happenings out there but i would just take my time to refresh you and advice you about the old stuffs and what you should at least for now hold on to pending when their would be another “Great Miracle”.


After i told the house that there’s cccam for 16e, new mytv, some guys keeps calling that some popular blogger told them that it’s not working and fake. It’s funny. The truth is, most bloggers goes around the web filtering news and edit, because they don’t have any source, rather reallying on rumors and what they haven’t even used for once or don’t have access to. Currently, Qsat spycam is doing justices to mytv, tvsat and seasat on 16e. The reasons why we refused to promote it is because of how expensive it is when you convert the dollar rate to naira. In the same vein, we have cccam perfectly working as well for this. My nature, i will rather go hungry than cheating, so i will always give you the truth and facts about all this stuffs. On the cccam, mytv channels are the only once not being stable, even on spycam. Tvsat and seasat are working just like fta. My own personal cccam opens both hotbird and hispasat. Meaning if you get cccam from me for 16e, it also works on hotbird and hispasat. Most of all my european servers are being sold to the view center owners and i give you full assurance about this. You can also add 16e to MBC which is currently being FTA for now and enjoy what others are enjoying. If you need the cccam, kindly contact me through whatsapp or calling, email.


They often say a river or sea started with a drop of water. I have been the number one enemy of qsat scam. If you could recollect, i once talked about some bloggers and some forums accusing pakogist of spoiling business for them, just because i keep leaking out the foul play on Qsat because they have loads of containers to forcefully sell to the innocent just because of the little profit they will make. But good thing, i have since been reading from same people saying “Qsat is 99% dead” which is just the truth.

Qsat first released software for canalsat on their other decoders, but the paytv blocked it same week. They claimed that due to hardware upgrade, they would have to produce new receivers to match with latest tech. They did and to be truthful, tvsat, mytv and seasat are working perfectly, but canalsat is still epileptic. Remember i told you guys that it was blazing then, but i won’t guarantee it stability even after 20 seconds of my post. I’m not trying to discourage you, but i’m only letting you guys know that dongle business/iks is already a thing of the past. If you want to buy, you only buy at your own risk, but i don’t guarantee you that you would watch 90 minutes of soccer on canal sports without crying.


I laughed then when people were deceiving innocent readers that powervu is a forever thing and here to stay. Yes it’s true, but not through “darkside”. Powervu is an encryption that is here to stay but it’s being currently compromised for now. Sony entertainment is one of the providers affected and if you take a closer look, they have already added NDS to PV but not yet effected. Reasons is, they’re not yet done with decoder swapping. Once they’re done, it would go off. I’m just being honest with you. Powervu is the level 1 encryption on sony and sports 24, but sports 24 aren’t interested in encryption because it’s not for domestic use, only sony entertainment are, and they’re upgrading to secondary encryption level which would take time to crack. Humans are the once compiling the codes and writing the softwares, so same humans would be the once that would calculate the formula to decrypt it, but it would only take time. We only give instructions to computers, and remember, humans are the once that makes computers as well.

The only worry we should have is sport24 reducing signal. They’re trying to effect same pattern to the sp24 on 57.0E which requires 240cm dish (8ft) above. Without much preaching, you should know what they’re up to. Almost all the decoders out there working perfectly on sport24, except “strong 4922” series.


Before i go further, IPTV is never ever for only the rich. I keep saying this, it’s only a novice, someone that resides in the village that will keep saying and claiming “Africa isn’t yet there on fast internet”. For heaven sake, if 3G is not fast enough, is 4G same as 2G? I have welcomed so many people to my own home, to show them this, using 3G. Agreed, data is still not yet pocket friendly, but we shouldn’t use that as an excuse to condemn the best solution to pay tv. The only cheapest network for now is GLO. Their have been complaints about the network, but they have responded with LTE, which has more coverage than any other ISP in Nigeria. If only you can have a taste on it, you would totally agree with me that paytv is never a match to internet tv. If you ask the people condemning IPTV for other alternatives, they will ask you to install bigger dish. And let me tell you this, 24th December 2016, hotbird and hispasat failed woefully, they only showed a match. 70% of the view center owners i knew showed the remaining matches with Andriod tv boxes while others used Apollo IPTV on strong 4950H, others subscribed to dsthieves, of course you should know with dsthieves ,you will never ever make a profit of 3 thousand naira monthly, except you’re showing matches for #200.

IPTV is the only threat to satellite tv. Due to how expensive data is, i have provided many tips on how to make use of it. Use it to watch only live matches. Paytv only show repeated movies apart from live soccer. If you want to watch home movies, you can go for gotv or startimes, or stick to the FTA we have or you buy cccam and watch home movies on mytv. With 4 thousand naira monthly, you won’t miss any match. With even #6,000, paytv won’t give you all live matches, you must in one stage visit pay view center or stream it on your mobile devices or laptops. 

If you want to go fully Andriod tv box without cable tv, we have ntel giving #10,000 unlimited monthly. Paytv full subscription monthly is about #19,000. When you add the amount you would spend on fuel, except you have your own generated power, you would understand better why internet tv is just the best. Another thing you should know is, some streaming links do breaks, lagged or goes off due to much traffic, this doesn’t mean your internet is slow. This is where people makes mistake on. The popular 3rd party apps like mobdro, sport tv, etc, are never stable during live matches. It’s advisable you use kodi which is still the world’s best platform to stream internet tv. Get a device from someone that knows about internet tv and you would never regret it.

The miracle i keep talking about on satellites are for the big dish owners, because no pay tv on smaller dish would be careless to let hackers close down their business, expecially here in Africa. So for small dish users, i strongly advised you consider IPTV/Andriod tv boxes and stick with the cheap fta we have around or keep wasting money on cable tv. I will stop here for now, other updates would keep coming as soon as i discover any.

Have a fulfilled 2017 out there!!!

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10 thoughts on “Latest Trending Satellite News and Available Cheaper Means to Paid Tv- Updates 2017

  1. Hello sir, i have been trying to solve this problem of auto roll on srt 4950E yet no way, it go like this, after the change of frequency on 34.5w my 4950e has stop auto rolling, i factory defaulted and blind scan yet no way and i really need your help

    1. Try to download the latest patch and scan sp24 on 57E and wait for like 15 minutes to come on, and thanks for your prayers.

  2. Happy new year! Oga pako, my sport 24 on d west signal keep going off in the night.i changed the plate to glass and still doing so. What again can I do.please I will appreciate ur respond.thanks

  3. Thanks for the regular updates, what is the differnce between NDS and temberg encryption, and thank you for advising the house on the sports24, through your regular advise, i was able to track sp24 thank you very much and happy new year………..

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