Signal 3 EUTELSAT 10°E 10A MPEG 4 HDTV 4.2.0

It’s been a while i publish an article related to satellite. The reason is, there are no events yet, even the available once we have now, they’ve been going off gradually and contents providers securing their contents with even more sophisticated softwares and hardwares. One of the most breakthrough now is, there’re some toys (Name Withheld) currently unscrambling dsthieves. You won’t hear much about this because of security reasons and the price. Even if you have already heard, it would be difficult for you to secure one for your use. Being seeing and tasted from it, the toy isn’t from chinco this time around, but from some group of guys from Arab country. This toy is currently doing justices to dsthieves, all channels on Eutelsat 9e including Ote sports, Hotbird and Hispasat, Nilesat and also comes with a year IPTV account. It’s an Android device as well but the specs are discouraging. But for satellite, it’s worth the amount it’s being currently sold for. If you need this device, it’s currently available in stock but we don’t just sell it anyhow because we want to control it in other not to fall into the wrong hands. Though, it has been working flawlessly for some few months, from last year.

Moving on, we also have some events from Consat. They were once located at Eutelsat 16.0E, but now has moved to Astra 28.5E, same position with Joytv. The Tp is 12523 H  30000. The channels there are currently FTA for now.

Also, For those with 130cm dish upwards, you can enjoy this feed for only laliga transmitting on Eutelsat 10.0E

Signal 3 EUTELSAT 10°E 10A MPEG 4 HDTV 4.2.0
DATE : 12.01.2017
Frequency : 3900 V 5000 (Di-electric plate needed)
Biss Key : 27 E8 A5 B4 DF 9B 77 F1
ID : Signal-3

This channel is only visible when there’s live match. During the weekends and weekdays when there’re laliga games, they show the most important once just as the then sport 24. Also same satellite, some startimes channels has been FTA for more than 12 months. To enjoy the startimes packages there, use this TP 3650 h/v 20160. To track it, first remove your cband and track Eutelsat 9.0E. After you might have gotten signal, replace the LNB with cband and insert your glass or di-electric plate. If you can’t get Eutelsat 9.0E in your location, track NTA with 3777 v/h 3777 and use the glass to get the maximum signal, then point the dish to East, beside Eutelsat 7.0E. You need a minimum of 1.8m dish, in some location, you need like 2.4m dish. Make sure you blindscan after you might have getting signal.

Kwese Sports has been trying to add some packages to their services, You can still enjoy kwese sports on Intelsat 68.5E, ku with the following credentials;

Kwese Free Sports On Intelsat 20 @68.5 East Tp 12633 v 16166, New biss key 🔑 AABBCC3111223366

You are sure of at least 1 EPL match every weekend.

You still have the opportunity to join the Andriod world to enjoy a different world of entertainment. You can find some of my post relating to Android tv box HERE , HERE , HERE and HERE.  No need for calculator to monitor data because we also provide data for your satisfaction. You choose what to watch, when to watch and all for free. No monthly or yearly subscription. Can be used in the hotel, church, home, bar, sea, flight anywhere you can get access to network.

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  1. How do we upgrade our Android TV box to received upgraded program s which are specified Those who have Android 4.1 can not be able to? Is there any way out?

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