Latest Update on FTA, cccam, powervu and andriod box

Once again, i will be rolling out some updates on fta, cccam, powervu and andriod tv box base on my own personal research and gatherings. You may also get similar stuffs elsewhere but some will be the same thing, while others would be more additional informations.


Before i get started, people have been asking me about the much talk on the new HD 24 extra that i published here few weeks ago to be included to the existing MTN WORLDWIDE package and they have blindscan but couldn’t get it. If you could noticed, if you blindscan, you will see “MTN SPECIAL EVENTS”, it’s different from the “SPECIAL EVENTS” that was already there. To backup my stories, check out this image;


Maybe you forgot that MTN TV is for inflight and sea?  Let’s keep our hands crossed as i strongly believe it would be added to all their inflight platforms in the coming weeks.


I’m mostly focused on FTA for the small dish users. one the most important FTA we rely on every weekend, TV3, carried out another upgrade thereby changing it SR from 27000 to 30000. I posted that update on my last article incase you missed it, just search this blog, you will find it. Now here’s what i’m talking about in pics;


If  you’re using strong, download latest update for strong Africa and not middle east, you should be fine. same keys still working as well,all you need to do is delete the keys and re-add, edit the symbol rate and you will good to go.


Like i said earlier, my updates on powervu may be different from others, and some may not take it seriously, but to be sincere, my updates and findings are real and you see for yourself. The era of powervu is coming to an end soon, i’m not saying this to spoil market for some dealers that has stocked up 1 million pieces of powervu auto roll decoders, but i’m just letting you know the fact so that the chinese won’t keep taking us as fools. In as much i’m sharing my own ideas and experiences with you, it shouldn’t mean you should not go for what you like. Sooner or later, you would understand all my points i’m raising here.

All the so called powervu decoders came to existence because powervu was hacked, the only meaningful reachable powervu left for us is sony and mtn worldwide. Sony has adopt the same steps BWTV took, changing keys almost everyday now, and you might be moved to purchase one of those decoders out there to be able to roll out keys for you automatically. The question is, when Sony change encryption which they will soon do, and all eyes on HD 24, and they change encryption as well, what will be the usefulness of the so called powervu decoders? If i come up with a new post advertising a new product which is real after the demise of powervu, will you believe me?  I still see Qsat and strong as still the best FTA decoders out there. The choice is yours, choose right and choose fine.


cccam is currently doing justices to starsat (startimes), 9.0E, hotbird and hispasat. Starsat is one of the best options for the small dish users out there as apart from local entertainment, you will watch copa America, bundesliga and italian league. Also 9.0E is still very usefull as many channels on it will broadcast both copa America and Euro 2016. For reseller packages on cccam , contact me through whatsapp or email, you will be amazed with my offers. If you also need in pieces as well, you can reach me.


The era of “high data cost” has gone. if you don’t know, there are strong competitions amongst the ISP operators right now. Infact, you can get 12gb for #3000 from Glo, and also get weekend plans, 3gb for #300 to add to your data collections and use on your andriod box.



Andriod box gives you more than five thousand (5000) channels through apps and kodi, if programmed, which we do before dispatching. I have been talking about this box, but it seems i’m making noise for now. Soon, when it will be only DSTV and bigger dish left, after you decide to purchase it, you will blame yourself for not buying it earlier. wherever you see anyone, website or blog talking about IPTV, don’t think they are just writing or advertising. They’re telling you the truth.

One of the reasons people are scared of IPTV or internet streaming is this. Let me give you a typical example;

Mr. A, B and C purchased an andriod box from pakogist or other seller/dealer. We both purchase 1gb of data for #500. Mr A watched full 90 minutes match on 140p, Mr B watched it on 480p while Mr C says he wants to enjoy his money and choose to watch it on 1080p. After the full 90 minutes match, Mr A would be left with 760MB, Mr B, 400MB and Mr C was left with no data balance. Meanwhile we saw same players, same actions and same scorelines, but different picture qualities. Now Mr C will start telling people that internet streaming devices are data vampires and it consumes data alot. You that wants to go into it will believe him and change your mind. Thereby making you to source for other cheap alternatives which has no guarantee. That is just a typical example for you why people are scared of IPTV and wasting money on devices that won’t last for six months.

For cccam reseller packages, in pieces and Andriod box, my email hasn’t changed. , whatsapp and call 07066330624

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10 thoughts on “Latest Update on FTA, cccam, powervu and andriod box

  1. Good day admin. I hav to admit u hav quality products. I bought android TV box from u last year. Believe me I can watch every single live match in ds world as far as is called sports. The compliment am gonna giv u is dat u attend ur customers even when u r busy working. Coz I could remember when I bought my cccam from u, it stop working after I used it for a day. When I called u, it was too noisy. I realised u r not even @ home. U attended me n gave me new password which am currently enjoying it. My only question is dat my android tv box is running 4.4 android kitkat. If I wish to install some apps from goggle store, it keep telling me dat app is not compatible with my device. So pls if there is a way to help me update d android version or d firmware at all. I would b happy.
    Secondly am enjoying few channels of starsat (startime) using ur cccam. Is there a way u can help us to b opening indian channels lyk satr gold, starplus, bolly wood, sports arena, etc.
    Finally, can i track hortbird sat,9.0e with 1.8 dish in jos plateau state? If yes, how? Pls help. Thanks.

    1. Please download the software on your phone, and use xender to transfer to the andriod box to install. You can only get hotbird from 3.5m dish, then u can attach 9.0e

      1. I mean which version of d software am I going to download? Is it android 5.1 lolipop? Or d mxq firmware? Pls specify and give us d links. Thanks

    1. good pm house pls i have a hitv decoder that was last used over 5years ago, when I plugged in to power now it’s not responding but standby light is on…seems the decoder needs updating pls do advice me, thanks and God bless you.

  2. @Admin…….How true is it that CCam ACCOUNT is very stable on Hotbird and it does not freeze at all….Just called an installer if he can help me with an alternative rather than just DSTV he said The hotbird is stable…
    Want to confirm it directly from U if:
    It wont freeze on Live match
    Wont have trouble connecting
    And is different from the likes of QSAT

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