New frequency and symbol rate for HD 24 MTN WORLDWIDE

At around pass 3pm 22/03/2016, signal went off generally on MTN WORLDWIDE.After some few hours, we later find out they did massive upgrades which will make small dish users to be forced to get a bigger dish. As at this post, only those with 1.8m dish upwards were able to receive signal. The upgrade also results to frequency and symbol rate change.

So if you have been using 80-100cm dish for HD 24, it’s time to get a bigger dish as the beam and coverage has been reduced. Don’t touch your dish for now till you get another update from pakogist. For those that has from 1.8m dish, just input this tp (4131 V/H 20460) blindscan and start enjoying. Also new channel has been added as well. In the meantime, the new TP and SR is also flashing on 90cm and 1oocm dish but it didn’t stay. So for now we have to keep our hands crossed and i will update the house with any update.

Alternatively, Eutelsat 9east is there as a good alternative but you will have to face cccam issues.

If you’re still there and want the truth, get yourself an andriod box from us.

(, whatsapp and call 07066330624) For business purpose only.



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16 thoughts on “New frequency and symbol rate for HD 24 MTN WORLDWIDE

  1. Please did u hv any distributor of ur android box in kaduna? I want a place where I can pay n pickup my box immediately.

    1. We don’t have. If you can’t send money to us to send across to you, you can send someone or come down yourself to pick it.

  2. I used d new TP and symbol rate for sport 24 yet it is still showing red. I’m using SRT 4922. Pls i need ur help.

  3. I humbly request for assistance on the latest freq and symb rates for sport 24 which has disappeared sincelast week now, pls do assist as we must always work 2gether as one.

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