Latest update on powervu and best recommended options

Hello once again, i will be updating you on the latest on powervu and best option for solving the huge extortions from Paytv.

As we all know, the latest in town now is powervu. I have published some articles on how to track HD 24 to watch EPL and UCL as well as Sony packages for FA cup, laliga BBVA, serie a and bundesliga as well. Incase you missed out, check the satellite world menu you should be able to get all what you needed including tips on how to track it. Also much has been said and arguments on the best decoder to use for powervu. I won’t mention names on any decoder but i will be advising you on the best to use if you are one of those that has a big dish and want to switch to powervu.

Amongst all the so called powervu decoder, trust me, the best and leading auto-roll powervu decoder is “Qsat” while the best option, manually still remains “strong”. Let me tell you why.

Bwtv on Nilesat 7.3w have the habit of changing keys every minutes now. Among all the decoders in town, it’s only qsat that auto roll bwtv keys. Others refused to add bwtv because they can’t even beat it. Bwtv shows high class movies, UCL and bundesliga and can be nailed with 90cm dish above. They regularly change keys like champion tv. Infact bwtv is even becoming worse. So if you have qsat and a valid account and want to enjoy powervu, don’t make a mistake to buy  any so called powervu decoder. But if you only want to watch HD 24 and sony, stick with your 4922 above and add keys manually. Powervu is a cheat and would surely go off someday just as others were.

Are you tired of paying huge bills just to watch weekend soccer? Are you one of those that can’t install big dish in your rented apartment? Are you one of those that has all sizes of dish but yet you can’t still get what you want? If you’re one of those, and you want to get the best entertainment for less and can’t afford bigger dish, do you need a sure bet for all leagues across the globe, movies, porn, sports, cartoons, best of kodi without paying a dime? Then you need the andriod tv box. It’s a pity many people overlook this. Time will come when you will be begging to have it and then, you will also set aside part of your savings for data consumption. Our Andriod boxes comes with life guarantee, 24/7 supports, regular  calls and updates, Already configured for unlimited data for free with all the 4G networks, and also MTN and Etisalat. It’s spreading , and just as qsat began just like this, soon it would take over.

Here are the reasons why you should get the andriod box from us.

  • Genuine. Those that knows pakogist can testify how genuine and legit we are in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia,Togo and Zimbabwe. We have successfully delivered to more than 23 states in Nigeria and across Africa.
  • Wow factors. We exceed your expectations
  • Savings. We make sure we keep our word as we advertised , free streaming on all the 4G networks and GSM
  • support. Just call anytime or email. If we missed you calls, or email, we will surely return your calls and email reply is instant.
  • Cheapest box. We are a huge dealer and prefer selling in bulks to resellers. We also sell cheaper to individual. Free configuration, installations. You only plug and play when you receive it
  • We deliver after payment confirmation from our banks. But If you’re still scared or having too many thoughts about sending money to get the box, you are welcome to come pick it and pay in cash in our shop located in Akure, Ondo state.
  • We have been spreading and soon would published names of resellers. If you’re interested in reselling or patronizing us, please call , email or whatsapp ( , 07066330624)
  • If you’re looking for satellite installers in around ondo state,ibadan,Lagos, Ekiti and so on, you can as well reach us.
  • If you already gotten your andriod box somewhere else and tired of spending money on data, you can give us a call to tweak it for free for you. ( charges applies)
  • If you mistakenly hard bricked or soft bricked your andriod box, you can as well contact us for fixing. (charges applies)

We can always be reached through call , email or whatsapp ( , 07066330624)

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