Latest Update on Qsat and Andriod Box

Today, i will be updating the house on the current situations on the world of dongles most especially Qsat. As for the Andriod Tv box, it’s your choice to decide whether to switch or not. Few days ago, i got an email from a cccam provider which provides cccam for european market, he gave me a test account for multichoice Africa which is Dst*. To be sincere, it worked for 3 days and went off. Till date, they haven’t been able to find solutions to it. My aim was to test it for a week so that when i finally approve it, i will drop it here also for a week to be sure we won’t fall into another scam unlike what TV1 did to many of us. Last night, i got an email that the server was back to normal but this time it connected, but no pictures. Once i get any more update, i will post it here.In the meantime, here are the details. You can try it out as they asked me to be online that it will come up. i’ve been patiently waiting too.


port: 21001

user: bs3500

pass: tuy4a

As we all know, the current situation on qsat still persist. “SPYCAM STILL LOOKING FOR DEALER TO CONTACT“. there were flashes of coming back from qsat as some of their decoders on avatarcam worked for some minutes on 09/27/2015, while others were still trying to contact it dealer. As of this post, it has already gone off. I remember this was exactly the same situations azsky faced sometimes last year before it went off for about 6 months before the breakthrough from Tv1 which after some weeks, both finally went off. They have really tried fro us to be sincere, but they have to improve and serve us better as we are paying for the services. All hope are not lost though but all i will advice you is that, be patience. For now, there’re no meaningful FTA that shows live EPL matches. champions tv biss key keeps coming out everyday as well blocked same day as well. Powervu, that i don’t want to go into that as it’s not an option at all. Before it get to late, join the world of IPTV. I have the best Iptv package in which you spend less than #100 for 24 hours to watch whatever channels you want anytime.

N:B. I didn’t say there is cccam available for dst*. I only updated you with my findings and also dropped the account that got me connected to watch dst* for some days. so please don’t contact me for cccam account as it’s not working. If they fix it, I will be back here with the update.

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