Latest Update on Qsat q28g, q26g, FTA and Azsky

Pardon me for not updating the satellite section of pakogist. This is due to researches ongoing to unleash and let’s say get the latest in the world of FTA and Azsky et all.
There has been a lot of improvement on the Qsat kingdom. what i meant is, Qsat q28g and q26g has been tweaked by it engineers where-which you can watch three (3) satellites
on the decoder which also has three (3) different accounts as well.
Qsat team of engineers has just released a fresh software for only q28g for enhance quality services which also fixes some bugs as well. You can get the software here; DOWNLOAD Q28G
Currently, Qsat q28g can open Gotv channels, Dst* on 36.E and 68E as reported by some south africans using Qsat q28g. I have yet to confirm it but i beleive it’s working as i got more reports from my sources about 68E working on q28g.
In the same vein, Qsat q26g opens canalsat on SES KU 22W but not that stable.Also it can open dst* channels on south africa on 68E, also opens dst* on 36E.
As at this post, our dear Azsky is still very much offline but i strongly believe hope is not lost as the chincos temporarily shut down the server in other for some accounts to run out before they turn it up so that they will make more money from selling account.
Remember, you have to update your qsat to the latest software which can be found on this site else it won’t work.
I have been receiving lots of calls about Bein sports and MBC HD. Both satellites have been moved and we are yet to track or get the new location. Also, i still strongly advice you start saving for the rainy days as IPTV is the future in the satellite world. Lots and
lots of IPTV boxes are being cooked out daily, but i can beat my chest that the one advertise on this site is the best for now as other IPTV boxes will suck your data and you will keep wasting your money.
FTA stations mentioned in some articles on this website is still very much working.
N:B for those panicking on how to watch the champions leaque final, all local TV stations in the world will broadcast it as well as our own local NTA station.
Keep visiting this site for more updates on the world of dongles and FTA world.

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