MBC HD 1-4 now FTA

For some days now, there has been some channel migrations, what i meant is that, some satellites are now adding channels to it bird. Like Joytv,if you blind scan your decoder, you will be amazed with the channels you will find there. Also on SES5, 3W,7E, there are lots of FTAs on that sat for now.

To get MBC HD 1-4, please follow this guidelines;

Track joytv with 12522 V 27000, then after u hit green, nail it. Input 12303 H 27500 and lift it a bit, you should hit green. After you hit green, again nail it and input 12265 H 27500 and scan, you should get the channels. But if you decide to go with 12265 H 27500,you will only end up hitting dstv, as dstv has same TP on it satellite.

Enjoy while it last.

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