MBC HD and Latest FTA updates

It has been few days since the MBC HD channels got scrambled. As i can tell, it was due to us not
keeping our mouth shut whenever we lay our hands on any freebies. Also the multichoice guys do play their roles too reporting Nigerians to the satellites owners. But for now, there has been no official biss key yet to dis-scramble the  channel. For the sports lovers, you can get the latest bein sport biss key here. They broadcasted the UCL last night and also broadcast Spanish Laliga and french leagues.
Their have been no news nor updates from the Azsky team as well as Qsat as the attack was severe which we don’t have a specific date  for it return. My last Article, i introduced the New IPTV decoder which is al alternative to dongles. (read the article here) Once again, here are the specifications of the new IPTV decoder;

Advantages of The new DVB S2 + IPTV decoder.
* Lower data consumption compared to other IPTV decoders.
* Doesn’t require any dish. Its a plug and play device. i.e When you secure the decoder,
all you need is just a data sim and you’re on the go.
*Portable and easy to maintain.
*Estimated data consumption of 80MB.
*All sports channels you’ve ever dream of is available on the device.
*It would save you from buying multiple dishes to track the channels.
*#1000 data which is equivalent to 1GB would do the job perfectly.
* Its not a sim/network selected device. Works with any network provided its on 3G or higher…

*Supports cccam account.
*Since it requires stronger network to work perfectly, it will freeze continuously if you’re not
in a location where there’s a good network reception.
*Only 3G, 3.5G and 4G networks will work.

Also, for those that have bigger dish, from 1.5m-10m or there-about, you can track Irib;

IRIB is on arabsat cband 20e : Frequency 3963 v 27500 & 4054 h 27500 » IRIB has three premium dedicated channels just like ss3, ss5 and ss7 that shows all league matches. However, you can unlock these scrambled channels with the help of biss keys:
the biss keys to use is: 11 11 11 33 11 11 11 33 and the biss key works only on irib1, 2 and 3.
Since we are all awaiting the return of dongles,(Maybe) There are other FTA channels and as well as the New Iptv decoder that also supports cccam ,we could use for now which to me is the best alternative to we that can’t afford the high charges from the paytv owners.
N;B For those that called to make Enquiry about the New Iptv decoder, Its 25k and all my copies has been disposed.Any interested buyers can call or contact us using the site contact form
and we will get it to you anywhere and whereever within 4-5 days.
Our store will be up soon where you can easily place order online and we will get it to you within 48hours after confirmed payment.
My next article would be update on MBC HD channels and dongles.. Hope you have a nice week ahead!!!.

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