Multiple lnb holder for starsat and 9.0E plus all in one cccam for starsat,9.0E.13E and 30W

I did promised to discuss the multiple lnb holder with you in other for you to fully maximize your 100cm dish, as some are even thinking where to nail another 90cm dish for starsat as they already had one for Eutelsat 9.0E.

Before i proceed further, if you had purchased cccam for 9.0E from me in the days of digisports, you don’t need to contact me again for starsat account. That same cccam now opens starsat, 9.0e, hotbird and hispasat just as i promised earlier.

The EPL, UCL,LALIGA etc has all ended. Now we’re about going to part two of the season, for Copa America and Euro 2016. There’re many FTA that will be showing the matches, but more of it would be on premium sports channels, that’s why we need cccam for that. Eutelsat 9.0 is still very much active, despite the demise of digisport. Many channels on the satellite will show Euro 2016 while starsat will air all the copa America matches.

Now take a closer look at this pics;


That is the multiple lnb holder in action. This should be a hint for the installers out there. I just want to let you know that 100cm dish is more to only tracking a satellite. You can as well get a longer rod, extend the holder, and add 36.0E.

To start first, you track Eutelsat 9.0E, then you attach other satellites as on the pics above. If you are opportune to have a 1.8m dish, at least, EPL is somewhat sure for you, and the another good news is, a brand new sport channel would be added to MTN worldwide !st June,2016. So all you need to do is just blindscan.

Now for those that have alphabox and wants to use it to watch starsat, if you purchase cccam from me, just follow these simple steps to load cccam to your receiver;

  • Go to settings press 2778 access control will pop out
  • In access control u have cccam, jscam4 n other cams
  • Just select cccam and enter your details provided to you from me
  • save and hit connect after you have connected your receiver to the internet. That’s all!!

My cccam opens starsat, 9.0E ,hotbird and hispasat, and the money to purchase it is just like buying three bottles of big stout and two lacasera, for six(6) months. How about that?

Remember, FTA is a use while it last thing, and cccam is not a guaranteed thing. Just a piece of Advice to you out there, i will advice you to get an Andriod box from me.

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To place order for Andriod box or purchase cccam account and lnb  holder, email me ( whatsapp or call 07066330624

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