New Auto Roll Software for Qsat 11G, 13G and 15G

At last, after much pressure, the greedy Qsat engineers have released auto roll softwares for Qsat 11g, 13g and 15G. The softwares so far have been tested and working great on all powervu channels. It auto rolls sp 24 as well and sony entertainment.

I have uploaded the software the all you need as usual is to download to a virus free USB flash drive, extract and upload.

Download Q15 here =>

Download Q13 here =>

Download Q11 here =>

Other Updates on Qsat

With the introduction of these softwares, qsat is set to release spycam account for mytv and tvsat. Canalsat will no longer work on spycam anymore. So if you want to watch canalsat with epileptic services, you must purchase Q19G. To me, it’s not meaningful that’s why i have refused to invest my money on Qsat because of their greediness and cunning behavior, like buying 6 months account and watching it for 6 minutes. In the meantime, enjoy your Qsat as FTA and if you have powervu setup, you’re all cleared to roll on. Beware of Qsat scam, for those that have ears. Don’t waste your money to purchase whatever account they come up with, it’s all pure scam. 

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14 thoughts on “New Auto Roll Software for Qsat 11G, 13G and 15G

  1. Thank you so much my brother, i have been waiting for this software for long,
    infarct i visit this site more than ten times every day to see if you will post this software,
    and you did it today and it is working very fine
    may God bless you and keep you for us

  2. please what can i do, i upgraded my xman g8 decoder with the QSAT 11 software and after installation it has been loading without stopping. please what do i do

  3. pako hi,i have qsat x-master but it did not comply with 15q software upgrade
    what should i do with it now,should we wait for software for x-master or do the two other reieases of 11q and 13q work with x-master?

  4. my qsat 11G is not loading after I installed the auto roll, its just remains blank after it started restarting during upgrade….pls hw can I handle this… in a fix

      1. thanks,was able to wake up my qsat 11g receiver, but am afraid to upgrade d auto roll that it might go to sleep again. is there anything I should do before I perform d upgrade again on same receiver?

  5. Thank you so much brother have just download the software for Q15G it seems to work perfect but at first took some min to load then i decided to unplug from the power twice then came on thank you someone getting same problem can try this article

  6. I have astra 4922 receiver that auto rolls but is always slow when am watching with no audiovisual balance, is there any software to upgrade it? pls help.

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