New auto roll software for strong 4950H- Update on HD 24

It’s funny people keep saying that we bloggers are the cause of making FTA going off. To me, i will say if you are among those saying such, you should sleep and dream again. To my own best of knowledge on FTA, irdeto is acting like “BOA BOO” to dsthieves. They don’t even want anyone to watch EPL or any live events outside from multichoice packages. They’re the one involved in the demise of any FTA we discovered. The recent letter i received from them, MTN TV was copied, meaning they also received a threat letter from irdeto.

At about 3:34pm on 09/09/2016, MTN worldwide started changing keys every 15 minutes, making it difficult for people to source for keys and update on their receivers. I have already notified you about this, on one of my latest updates. So if you have been reading my articles and follow my advice, you shouldn’t be worried on any sudden events on FTA world. Even if i post any keys here, before i even type it and publish, they will change it.

Good thing strong 4950H supports auto roll. With the recent continuous key changes on hd 24, strong 4950H has been doing the job perfectly. But the bad news is, once all the softcam keys is being used up, it would stop to auto roll, and will need to update another softcam file to continue where it stops. If you currently using strong 4950H, this software is for you;

Click ==>Download auto roll software for 4950H

Just as i keep saying, i don’t want to do the prophet thing anymore but will only advice you on the next step to take. If you still want to watch hd 24, you must buy an auto roll decoder. All the auto roll decoders we currently have come across are working perfectly, but mind you, you’re about to acquire another dead toy because if you still remember how BWTV went off and what’s happening to HD 24 now and the powervu channels we have access to now, one must be wise and spend wisely. That’s why i will always recommend “SUPERESAT AND GSKY V5”  to you, because after the powervu era, they will never die. Remember tandberg is coming up gradually.

That said, it’s only the wise once that will go for andriod tv box only if you ever want to watch EPL,UCL,LALIGA,EUROPA, etc etc. It’s a one time payment thing, no monthly or yearly subscription.

We deliver to any location as long as it has name. For purchase, please email, call or whatsapp;

(, 07066330624)


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48 thoughts on “New auto roll software for strong 4950H- Update on HD 24

  1. pls,pls and pls again the boss you should try talk to the qsat team to do some miracles for us,especially on this autoroll issue and Tandberg thing or they want to tell us that they have ran out of inspiration.thanks

  2. Oga pako what about us using strong 4922 any auto roll software for us? Does’t mean further more any manually inpute key for HD SPORT24 will no longer work? TANX

  3. @Poko when you talk of decoders with future you always speak for Superesat and Gsky V5. What of Gsky V6 doesn’t it have future when it comes to autoroll and tandberg? I have Gsky V6. Do i still need V5 or Superesat?

    1. Gsky v6 has been discontinued. As far as i know and can tell, they only concentrated on v5 and v7. V6 has a future but am sorry to tell you that v6 can never out perform v5 and it’s even scarce in the market due to it high cost. When hd 24 upgrade again, many receivers will park up because they won’t be able to match the current hardware to continue auto rolling. With time, you would understand brother.

      1. Thanks boss,


        pls, how can load a new softcams keys to the decoder? Thanks bros

  4. oga pako, i try to upgrade the srt4950 with the autoroll software but it doesn’t work, i tried to extract it but no means,pls what do i do.

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